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  • GE Transportation Expanding Efforts to Improve Ocean Cargo Logistics Efficiencies

    GE Transportation, a division of General Electric, along with California’s Port of Long Beach, announced a pilot initiative to collect broader amounts of information related to inbound ocean container shipments. Supply Chain Matters spoke directly with Jennifer Schopfer, Vice President and General Manager of Transport Logistics for GE Transportation regarding this latest announcement as-well as the broader directions involved in this effort.

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    China Securing Additional Strategic Supply of Cobalt

    Supply Chain Matters highlights a related development to our prior published blog: Volkswagen Reiterates Aggressive Electric Automobile Production Plans. That development is continued efforts by China based battery producers to secure longer-term supplies of all-important cobalt, an essential metal required in the design and production of rechargeable batteries.

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    Volkswagen Reiterates Aggressive Electric Automobile Production Plans

    Volkswagen AG held its Annual Media Conference in Berlin this week and took the opportunity to reiterate the auto maker’s intention to expand the availability and production of electric powered vehicles globally on a massive scale. The industry implications of global scale and manufacturing savviness are about to confront the first-mover.

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    Another E-Commerce Business Network Platform Provider is Taken Private

    Supply Chain Matters highlights yet another logistics and supply chain technology platform provider being acquired by private equity firms. CommerceHub provides a distributed commerce B2B Business Network connecting supply, demand and delivery helping retailers and brands increase sales by expanding product assortments, promoting products on the channels that perform, and enabling rapid, on-time customer delivery.

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    A Milestone Day in Global Trade- CPTPP

    Today, Thursday, March 8, 2018is significant for certain global supply chains. It includes the conclusion of celebrations of the Lunar New Year festivals and the initial signing of the CPTPP global trade agreement.

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    Postscript to the Kobe Steel Manufacturing Quality Falsification Scandal

    Supply Chain Matters highlights the postscript of the October 2017 manufacturing quality falsification scandal involving Japan based Kobe Steel. This week came the resignation of this manufacturer’s CEO, along with resignation of five other executives including the head of the firm’s aluminum and copper division.

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