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Contrasting Information Technology Vendor Transitions to Cloud Based Computing Needs


Supply Chain Matters has continually provided our readers insights relative to the increased momentum and ongoing impact that Cloud based computing has had across multi-industry settings. Such impacts are not only quickly changing ongoing software and IT hardware deployment strategies for line-of-business and cross-functional supply chain management teams, but the financial fortunes of existing high-profile […]

Bombardier CS100 Enters Operational Service Three Years From Original Milestone


This blog commentary is a side note to our prior Supply Chain Matters published commentary related to first-half delivery performance for both Airbus and Boeing reflecting continued supply chain challenges. A secondary competing competitor in the single aisle commercial aircraft program category has been Bombardier’s C-Series aircraft which has been challenged by extended financial, program […]

First-Half 2016 Delivery Performance for Airbus and Boeing Reflect Continued Supply Chain Challenges


As the commercial aircraft industry moves into the second-half of 2016, it is time for our usual Supply Chain Matters six month industry review of performance. Reflecting on delivery performance thus far, there are continued signs of industry supply chain supply challenges.  Let’s begin with Airbus which reported the booking of a total of 227 […]

Supply Chain Matters Impressions of the OpenText Enterprise World 2016 Conference


In providing our Supply Chain Matters readership with market landscape education regarding technology supporting B2B business networks process needs, we have provided prior visibility to Canadian based technology services provider OpenText. Last week, this analyst and executive editor had the opportunity to attend OpenText Enterprise World 2016, this vendor’s annual customer conference and we walked […]

Reports that U.S. Volkswagen Dealers are Growing Restless Regarding the Ongoing Diesel Emissions Scandal Fixes


The ongoing brand crisis involving Volkswagen and specifically its customers and dealers over the diesel engine emissions alteration admission continues to take on new dimensions. Last week, The Wall Street Journal reported that VW dealers across the U.S. are fuming regarding the receipt of specific guidance  regarding the estimated 12,000 diesel powered autos that they […]

New and More Controversial Food Labeling Requirements About to Go Into Effect in the United States


Last week, the United States Congress passed new federal legislation related to the labeling of food ingredients, specifically food products made from genetically modified organisms (GMO’s).  The new regulations are expected to be signed by President Barack Obama.  These new requirements have drawn mixed perceptions among consumers as well as industry participants and will lead […]

A Significant Announcement Related to Internet of Things Technology


There has been quite a significant announcement related to Internet of Things (IoT) and Industrial Internet technologies, one that line of business, product management and manufacturing focused teams should pay close attention to. General Electric announced that it will partner with Microsoft in uniting their Cloud computing and analytics technologies in a partnership that will […]

General Motors Embroiled in Supplier Crisis


In supply chain and procurement communities, there is somewhat of a known axiom that any lower-tiered component supplier, even smaller in scope, can cause a significant supply chain and production disruption. That lesson was reaffirmed in the 2011 devastating earthquakes and tsunami that struck Japan when automotive and high tech manufacturers discovered later in the […]

Next Week- Supply Chain Matters Attends Open Text Enterprise World 2016


We alert our readers that next week Supply Chain Matters is traveling to Nashville to attend the OpenText Enterprise World 2016 Conference. Some of our readers that may not be directly familiar with Open Text which categories itself as an Enterprise Information Management (EIM) technology support provider. However, they may be supporting their supply chain […]

Upscale Retailer Invests in Cloud Based B2B Platform Technology Provider


It is very seldom that one reads of a luxury goods retailer, for that fact, other retailers acquiring a majority stake in a supply chain technology firm, but in these challenging times of Omni-channel retail, we suppose anything is possible. Thus The Wall Street Journal reports (Paid subscription required) today that Nordstrom has made a […]

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