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Describing an Exponential Organizational and Supply Chain Capability


In prior Supply Chain Matters blog coverage of the Oracle Modern Supply Chain technology conference we did not have the opportunity to share a compelling keynote describing an exponential organizational and supply chain capability. After additional reading and reflection, we do so now.

General Motors Production Plant Seized in Venezuela


General Motors was forced to halt production operations in Venezuela after its plant in the country was unexpectedly seized by local authorities, demonstrating another example of geo-political driven supply chain risk.

Apple Declares a Long-Term Commitment Toward a Closed-Loop Materials Supply Chain


In its 2017 Environmental Update Report, Apple declared a goal towards implementing a closed-loop supply chain. This includes a pledge to end the company’s reliance on mined materials from the earth, and to one day, make its products from renewable or recycled materials. We applaud these efforts.

Supply Chain Matters Shares Our Top Ten Blog Postings in 2016


An annual tradition for the Supply Chain Matters blog has been to look back to the prior year’s readership uptake and share with our readers the top ten blog postings of the prior year. Admittedly, we are a bit late in compilating all of our 2016 readership data but we did want to publish this […]

SAP Announces Key Executive Leadership Changes


Last week, SAP SE announced changes to its high-level Executive Board which from our lens, provides evidence of changing strategies, business focus and possible succession planning in the months to come. An important insight to the meaning of these moves is likely the title of the press release: “SAP Promotes Proven Leaders to Strengthen the […]

Two Interrelated Events: United Airlines and Jeff Bezos Tenet’s of Business


This week, general media headlines and social media commentary was totally dominated by the United Airlines incident of a passenger being forcibly removed from an aircraft. Business media has also been echoing the latest Amazon shareholder letter authored by Jeff Bezos. Whether by design or by chance, the two events are very much linked and serve as timely reminders, but in different degrees.

Report that Chinese Logistics Provider is Planning a $1 Billion IPO in the U.S.


The Wall Street Journal reports that Best Logistics, a China based services provider backed by both Alibaba Group Holdings and Foxconn, is planning to raise $1 billion in an IPO in the United States, which could represent one of the biggest listings for a Chinese company this year.

Vital Link in the Global Apparel Supply Chain- Third-Party Refurbishers


This Supply Chain Matters guest posting from Darn It describes the important role that a third-party refurbisher plays in global supply chain distribution and supplier fulfillment.

Airbus and Boeing Report Q1-2017 Delivery and Order Booking Performance


Airbus and Boeing have reported their Q1-2017 aircraft delivery and net orders performance. Overall, they indicate that Boeing had a relative excellent Q1 while Airbus experienced an unusual slower than expected start to 2017.

Amazon Makes a Strategic Investment in Fuel Cell Technology

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Last week, announced that it had made a major investment in fuel cell provider Plug Power, Inc., and like other strategic deals, it included an equity stake in this innovative technology.

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