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A Commentary on Innovative Technology Provider No Longer


Supply Chain Matters provides an additional update regarding our commentary related to this year’s SAP Sapphire customer conference, one that is candidly disappointing.

Next Week- Supply Chain Matters Attending ISM2017


Next week, Supply Chain Matters in the presence of Founder and Executive Editor Bob Ferrari will be attending ISM2017 the annual conference of the Institute for Supply Management (ISM). This conference brings together a cross-section of global sourcing, procurement and supply management professionals in educational sessions and workshops. We attended this conference last year and […]

Initial Supply Chain Matters Perspectives on SAP Sapphire Customer Conference


SAP SE conducted its annual ASUG and Sapphire customer conference this week and Supply Chain Matters blog shares initial highlights, observations and insights.

Report Indicating the Assembly of the First iPhone in India


A report indicates that Apple has assembled the first iPhone in an assembly facility in India. We view Apple’s manufacturing strategy concerning India to be quite savvy, one that when completed, can provide a lot of market and supply chain benefits down the road.

Profile of the Airbus U.S. Commercial Aircraft Assembly Facility


The New York Times Money Issue recently featured a profile of the Airbus factory in Mobile Alabama, complete with some stunning photo and video images.

Apple’s iPhone Supply Chain Begins Ramp-up for the Big Release


Several published reports are indicating that Apple’s supply chain is now gearing-up for the release of the new family of iPhone models later this year.

GrandCanals Announces Launch of Fulfillment Intelligence Cloud

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GrandCanals launched Fulfillment Intelligence Cloud 3.0 in conjunction with closing a $4.6 million Series A financing round offering a technology that addresses analytically-driven online customer fulfillment.

Calling the Bottom to the Ocean Container Shipping Market is One of Perspective


While executives of ocean container industry leader Maersk called a bottom to the container shipping market, Supply Chain Matters submits that market forces of supply and demand are now subject to new nuances. Declaring a bottom to the market is now a matter of by perspective.

Some Positive Supply Chain Food Safety Efforts at Chipotle Mexican Grill


Supply Chain Matters has featured several streaming commentaries focused on Chipotle Mexican Grill, and in our latest update, we are willing to add some praise to ongoing food safety efforts across the supply chain.

Articulating Supply Chain Needs in the Language of the C-Suite


The latest economic and business data reinforces that supply chain leaders must more than ever, be able to translate investment needs in the language of the C-suite and in the notions of delivering desired business outcomes.

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