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The Reality of 4PL Business Model Takes Hold in Today’s Logistics Services Landscape


Supply Chain Matters and other supply chain focused media has called specific attention to the current wave of mergers and acquisitions impacting the global logistics sector. Yet, it is quite important that supply chain leaders pay close attention to the motivations of such actions, as well as the implications related to providing more one-stop services. […]

The Culmination of the 2009 Peanut Corporation of America Salmonella Incident


When it comes to certain cases related to food safety, the wheels of justice turn mighty slow.  But recently, the judicial system has sent a powerful and far-reaching message to the food and other consumer products focused industry and to their respective supply chain partners. In early 2009, there was an incident involving a salmonella […]

General Electric Places Priority on Industrial Internet


The Wall Street Journal’s CIO blog (paid subscription) notes that today, the new CIO of General Electric begins work. Jim Fowler, the previous CIO of GE Capital, indicates that his first priority will be focused on helping GE build the Industrial Internet and demonstrate how this global diversified manufacturer has implemented Industrial Internet and Internet […]

Breaking: Reports that Wal-Mart to Trim Jobs at Bentonville Headquarters


Both The Wall Street Journal (paid subscription) and Reuters are today reporting that global retailer Wal-Mart is planning a round of layoffs involving hundreds of workers at its Arkansas corporate headquarters later this week. According to both reports, fewer than 500 employees may be involved.   According to the WSJ, HR employees have reserved many […]

Boeing’s Strategic Carbon Fiber Supplier Hints of Global Supply Diversification Strategy

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In the backdrop our previous Supply Chain Matters commentary related to Boeing and its decision to shortly assemble new 737 commercial jets in China, we provide another related development. In November of 2014, we called initial attention to the announcement that Boeing had initiated a multi-billion long-term supply agreement with Japan based Toray Industries for […]

Manufacturing Sourcing in China- What Have We Learned?


I recently came across a report from business network CNBC that had the eye-gripping title; Why US Manufacturers are Nixing the US for China. The premise of this report was that the combination of applied robotics and the devalued yuan are now lowering manufacturing costs for the global manufacturing hub. This was not the only […]

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