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A Short Break


We want to advise Supply Chain Matters readers that we will be taking a summer vacation break over the next two weeks.  During this period, we will be publishing a limited amount of commentaries. However, over the past two weeks we have working long hours in loading-up lots of industry, technology and business process focused […]

Supply Chain Business Intelligence for SAP Environments and our Latest Supply Chain Matters Sponsor


In early January, Supply Chain Matters provided our positive review of the book SAP Nation by Vinnie Mirchandani. We felt that although this book may be considered controversial by some vested in SAP’s success, the book’s observations are for the most part objective, insightful and written in a context for what SAP as a global […]

The Marketing and Selling of Cloud-Based Technology


In our previous Supply Chain Matters commentary, we called attention to the significant winds of change that are blowing across the high tech and consumer electronics industry. Much of this has to do with more rapid cycles of advanced technology including the advent of cloud-based software applications and IT infrastructure. This author recently read a […]

Significant Winds of Change Blow Across the High Tech Industry


July has not brought necessarily good news to certain high tech and consumer electronic producers and their respective businesses focused on industry supply chains. Business headlines have included Microsoft reporting its biggest quarterly loss ever, fueled by a nearly 5 percent decrease in revenues, as well as writing-off 80 percent of its $9.4 billion investment […]

Commodity Markets Continue to Plunge: Good News and Not So Good News for Industry Supply Chains


Last week’s financial and equity market headlines featured the news that global investors and speculators are bailing-out on commodities amid mounting worries about the slower pace of global manufacturing growth. If you have been following our global tracking of select PMI indices featured in our Quarterly Newsletter, you will have visually noticed this slower overall […]

WTO Moves Closer to Tariff-Free Classification of IT Products: Supply Chain Opportunities and Impacts


Late last week, the World Trade Organization (WTO) reached a landmark $1.3 trillion deal that addresses the categorization of 201 information technology products that will be freed from import tariffs. Among the products covered in this agreement are new-generation semi-conductors, GPS navigation systems, medical products which include magnetic resonance imaging machines, machine tools for manufacturing […]

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