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Supply Chain Matters Blog On Summer Pause


An alert to readers that the Supply Chain Matters will be taking a summer vacation pause from July 6 through July 23. During our team pause, readers are offered web links to our most frequently read blog updates and commentaries.

Actions to Consider in Cyberattack Defense and Mitigation


Supply Chain Matters advises industry supply chain management teams on four specific actions to consider regarding more responsive cybersecurity defense, response and mitigation plans.

Tesla Reports Q2-2017 Vehicle Production and Delivery Performance- Supply Chain Cracks Continue to Show


Tesla announced vehicle production and delivery performance numbers for Q2-2017 while CEO Elon Musk took to Twitter to announce the start of ramp-up production for the new Model 3 vehicle. While Tesla emphasized a positive spin on recent quarter operational performance, there continues to be weak link challenges that need to be tackled on many fronts, the most obvious being overall battery supply and Model 3 production ramp-up.

American Airlines Closer to Cloud Platform Adoption


American Airlines will be converting its customer-facing web site and passenger check-in services to an enterprise Cloud to alleviate last year’s systems disruptions that plagued so many different airlines. Supply chain management IT support systems have a lot in common and can gain important learning.

Activist Shareholder Attempts to Influence Nestle


A significant development occurred in the consumer product goods sector, as one of the largest and most admired industry leaders came under the looking glass of an activist investor. CPG firms being targeted by activist firms is not a new development, but taking on the European based industry leader is noteworthy.

The Saga of Supplier Takata Reaches a Sad Conclusion- What Has Been Learned?


This week Japan based Takata Corp., the company that has made unprecedented product recall headlines has filed for bankruptcy protection. What have we learned as a community- if anything?

Breaking- Another Widespread Global Cyber Attack Impacting Multiple Companies and Shipping Terminals


Among the many facets of supply chain risk is the threat of cyberattacks disrupting global supply chain operations. Reports indicate a spreading cyberattack spreading from Europe to other countries and impacting the world’s largest container shipping line.

The State of Logistics in 2016- Accelerating Into Uncertainty

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The 28th Annual State of Logistics report reflects a U.S. logistics industry “buffeted by crosswinds as the pace of change accelerates” as the authors term: “Accelerating into Uncertainty.” Looking ahead, the report indicates that 2017 could be a pivotal year for the industry.

Survey Indicates SAP Customers are Not Yet Committed to S/4 HANA


A recent Rimini Street global survey of SAP licensees indicates reluctance to adopt S4 HANA due to lack of clear business case.

Oracle’s Fiscal FY17-Q4 and Full Year Financial Performance Garners Market Attention


Oracle reported its Fiscal Q4 and full FY17 financial performance results and the Wall Street and individual investment community seemed very pleased by what was termed as a phenomenal quarter and an impressive transition towards accelerating Cloud based revenues and margins.

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