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  • Additional Investment Monies Flowing into Supply Chain Management Technology

    There have been some new announcements regarding new investment monies flowing into technology firms addressing various supply chain management business process and decision-making needs. These announcements continue to reinforce the current attractiveness of logistics, procurement and supply chain management decision-making technology among the broad investment and private equity community.

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    Supply Chain Disruption- A Fried Chicken Crisis Across the UK

    Fast-food chain Kentucky Fried Chicken was forced to temporarily close most of its UK outlets after widespread shortages of chicken product occurred. Upwards of 550 outlets were impacted, forcing British media to coin the headline, “KFC Crisis” and some consumers to call their local emergency services office to complain of a chicken food shortage.

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    Walmart Spooks Investors With Financial Performance Results

    Global retailer Walmart reported financial performance for the all-important 2017 holiday fulfillment period and fiscal 2018 and investors were not pleased. Today’s news is yet another indicator of the high growth expectations being placed on online retailers, and the continued challenges in transitioning to a combined online and physical retail fulfillment presence.

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    A Global Boom Period Brings Challenges and Important Signposts

    Multi-industry supply chains are experiencing the most robust activity experienced in seven years. At the same time, many that are experienced in boom and bust cycles know all too-well that periods of rapid business expansion bring lots of operational challenges as well as strategic risks, namely that teams take their eye away from very important tactical and strategic transformational imperatives.

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    E2open Openly Duels with Amber Road on Proposed Takeover

    Supply Chain Matters shares some Wall Street focused drama that has occurred in the supply chain management B2B Business Network technology area. This is, to state the least, something somewhat usual to occur in supply chain tech, but then again, the market is hot and times, they are a changing.

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