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U.S. Government Steps-Up Enforcement of Parts Counterfeiters

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A few weeks ago I shared my takeaways from attending the MIT Forum for Supply Chain Innovation Fall conference that focused on the current widespread problem of bogus and counterfeit materials infiltrating multitudes of supply chains.  The conference speakers reinforced how widespread this problem has become, not only in commercially-oriented, but even defense-oriented supply chains.  Scrupulous players have found that there are more monetary and other incentives for engaging in counterfeit part activity suppliers and other players have discovered more sophisticated means to alter the composition or stated quality of parts, more often beyond current means to detect such deficiencies. The latest evidence of the extent of the problem and how strident government monitoring and enforcement will become was highlighted in a recent Electronic News story.  A California man, one of three family members that were indicted by the United States Attorney’s Office for trafficking counterfeit electronic components, has pleaded […]

Three Implications from the Gartner Acquisition of AMR Research- Part One

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Yesterday’s news of the Gartner acquisition of AMR Research has, as expected, generated lots of commentary across the blogsphere.  I penned my initial comments to this announcement yesterday. The acquisition of AMR Research has a special significance, since AMR has garnered quite a following in our extended community.  Much of the existing commentary I’ve reviewed thus far has been directed at specific communities.  This includes the industry analyst relations community (AR) who’s primary role is to maintain positive relationships with specific industry analysts that provide coverage for their particular’s company’s technology and/or services, as well as the broader audience of technology providers who utilize industry analyst research or opinion as part of their overall product marketing toolset. Some insightful commentary to the AR community can be found on the IIAR, Lighthouse Analyst Relations and Sage Circle blog sites. The focus of this series of postings will be on the implications […]