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Emptoris 2010 Customer Event- An Anticipated Report of Glowing Progress

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Tomorrow I’ll be traveling a short distance to attend the annual Emptoris Empower 2010 customer conference being held in Boston.  This strategic sourcing, procurement and contract management technology provider has been on a roll of late, taking maximum advantage of the need to control material costs across many industry settings. Empower is conference which I look forward to attending every year since the Emptoris management team has been very forthcoming in granting industry analysts and bloggers access to customer attendees. I especially look forward to the annual executive luncheon, where as a community, we can share and exchange viewpoints and perspectives with invited customers and Emptoris executives.  This year, there will be the opportunity to sit and have dialogue with quite a number of chief procurement officers and as in previous years, I look forward to sharing current insights on that state of strategic sourcing and procurement.  I especially have […]

Home Depot Making Progress in Closing the Supply Chain Gap

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We believe that one of the unique differentiators of Supply Chain Matters vs. traditional media has been our ability to monitor and provide ongoing commentary on supply chain successes and/or setbacks across many industry settings.  We literally tie existing news and developments with some form of context, whether crisis, transformational or renewal related. Earlier in the year, I penned a somewhat lengthy commentary, Can Home Depot Close it’s Supply Chain Gap? This commentary was on the heels of a Wall Street Journal write-up that noted that Home Depot was challenged with playing catch-up with rival home improvement retailer Lowe’s, and that current executives conceded that because of lack of actions from prior senior management, the company’s supply chain capabilities had a long way to go to become industry competitive. Our previous commentary also noted that previous attempts to implement a “big IT’ an approach that scoped very large projects in […]