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IBM Impact 2011 Conference: Supply Chain Matters Commentary Four

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I came to Impact 2011 from my previous following of Sterling Commerce and Infosys Technologies. Thus, as a supply chain blogger, I did not anticipate that an IBM technology conference would have such applicability to the long-term implications of supply chain and multi-channel commerce management.  My have events changed in such a short period of time. In anticipating what I could expect at this conference, candidly my  expectation was that there might have been an outside mention of Sterling Commerce capabilities and its associated application integration components, let alone capabilities of ILOG in business rules, supply chain optimization and design.  To my pleasant surprise, all of these various standalone vendor technologies were mentioned by select customers in the context of a combined set of current and planned future capabilities. A mere 15 months ago, IBM’s notion of smarter commerce did not exist. In a short period of time, by enterprise […]