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Johnson and Johnson CEO Again Reaching Out to the Financial Press- Is This Enough?

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We noted in our Q1-2011 quarterly newsletter that throughout 2010, the most visible occurences of supply chain disruption and lack of supply chain risk mitigation concerned healthcare and medical products provider Johnson & Johnson.  A company that had a previous stellar reputation for quality and rapid response to crisis sadly lost its way with little […]

Qantas and Rolls-Royce Monetarily Settle Over Mid-Air Aircraft Engine Failure Incident

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An announcement today adds another dimension to last November’s mid-air explosion involving a Qantas Airbus A380 superliner equipped with a Rolls Royce Trent aircraft engine that could have resulted in a large loss of life without the actions of a well-trained flight crew. Qantas announced today that is has reached a 95 million Australian dollar […]

Floods Impact Southern China

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Many days of torrential rains are affecting millions of people across six different provinces of southern China including Guangdong province.  According to a report in the China Daily, the floods have cut-off roads, breached dikes, caused mudslides and multiple deaths. Flash floods forced nearly 1,000 enterprises to suspend production within Zhejiang province.  Many airline flights […]

China Imposes Prison Terms in iPad Value Chain Information leak

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In case you might have missed the Wall Street Journal report last week (paid subscription may be required) a Chinese court sentenced three people to prison terms for collaborating to steal information from a supplier to Apple’s iPad2 products. In this case, the head of a Chinese electronics accessories manufacturing firm Shenzhen MacTop Electronics Co. […]

Impressions from the MIT Crossroads 2011 Forum

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Last week I had the opportunity to attend the Crossroads 2011 conference which was sponsored by the MIT Center for Transportation and Logistics, a very visionary forum in researching and predicting the future of global supply chains.  The goal of Crossroads 2011 was for select MIT faculty to outline the disruptive innovations that could shape […]

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