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Yet Another Dimension of Supply Chain Risk


As if we did not need yet another potential source of supply chain related risks, a news story from Reuters notes that high tech and consumer electronics could be laden with malicious software. According to a U.S. Congress member with considerable cyber security intelligence, hackers may be injecting malicious codes on electronic components at offshore manufacturing plants, planting tools to help launch future cyber-attacks. Representative Jim Langevin (Democrat- Rhode Island) is a member of the U.S, House of Representatives committee on Armed Services and Intelligence and is privy to cyber threat information not publically disclosed. The Congressmen has sponsored the Executive Cyberspace Coordination Act of 2011. According to a House press release, the Act “would establish a National Office for Cyberspace to evaluate and enforce requirements for federal agencies to protect themselves and the public, make certain that the government buys the most advanced and secure technology possible, and train […]