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Availability of New Research: ERP vs. Best of Breed- Is Good Enough- Good Enough?

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An ongoing challenge for many strategic sourcing and procurement selection teams is coming up with an objective process for weighting the alternatives for pressing business process change with technology choice options.  The challenge often comes down to the options for selecting additional available functionality in a resident ERP system, the good enough option, or selecting a best-of-breed vendor offering.  To that end, we want to alert our Supply Chain Matters readers to a newly research document produced by our research arm, The Ferrari Consulting and Research Group, which I have personally authored. The title of the document is: When it Comes to ERP Systems- Is Good Enough’ – Good Enough? and this document is now available for free download in our Supply Chain Matters Research Center. We only request that you provide basic contact information. After you provide contact information, an email will be sent that contains the web link […]

Listening to the Voice of the Supply Chain

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The following commentary can also be viewed and commented on the Supply Chain Expert Community web site. There is a developing story that should capture community reading interest because of its supply chain related learning. One of the current day business news headlines concerns the General Motors developed Chevrolet Volt, the company’s premiere entry into the plug-in hybrid automobile market. The Volt has been highly touted as the future of automotive technology, and aggressive production, marketing and sales goals have been established for 2012. The vehicle currently comes with a rather pricey sticker price, namely $41,000, and GM believes that the innovative features of the futurist car will overcome price concerns. After some months of initial sales, The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) in its initial testing of the Volt has discovered instances of battery related fires.  Three NHTSA crash tests caused the car’s batteries to catch fire days […]

Delivering the Goods in Online Grocery Business

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The following is a Supply Chain Matters guest commentary contributed by Arun Kumar P., a Principal Consultant at Infosys Limited, who is also a contributor to the Infosys Supply Chain Management Blog and consulting team. The past few years have seen the increasing adoption of buy-online-pick-up-from-store initiatives at several grocery retailers in the United States. What began as a value-differentiating concept in a commoditized industry is more than just an idea today. However, if online grocery is to evolve into a broad-based business model with an alignment of capabilities, maturity of processes, and adoption of technologies, much more needs to be done. The consumer-facing front-end must borrow from leading e-commerce practices while the back-end fulfillment model must evolve by adapting warehousing best practices. Cheerleaders of the online grocery business model point to its success in Europe and argue for its expansion by delivering orders to homes. Critics contend that this […]