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Do Not Ignore the Power and Consequences of Social Media

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The following commentary is the author’s guest blogger contribution to the Supply Chain Expert Community web site where it can also be viewed and commented upon. Supply Chain Expert Community members probably know that this author has spoken and written about the emerging positive benefits in leveraging “systems of engagement”, the social media based systems that bring both people and teams together to solve problems or orchestrate more timely and informed decisions.  Unfortunately, like many things new, there can be a negative side to these systems, one that senior business and supply chain leaders need to consider. Readers will recall the recent well-publicized incident concerning additives utilized in the production of beef hamburger in the U.S… A company Beef Products Inc. (BPI) developed a food product which makes ground beef leaner.  The product was called “lean finely textured beef” and many restaurant and food chains found the product to be […]