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Supply Chain Matters Update Four- Effects of Hurricane Sandy on the U.S. Northeast

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We pen this posting on the eve of the tenth day since the unprecedented hurricane and massive northeast storm impacted the northeast coastal region of the United States. The densely populated U.S. states of New Jersey and New York were directly in the storm path and suffered the most in many human and other dimensions. Today, an unusually early northeast snow storm impacted this same region with high winds and accumulated snowfall, causing additional coastal flooding and electrical power interruptions. The headline pertaining to the multi-industry supply chain disruption continues to focus on continuing interruptions in petroleum, transportation and retail focused supply chains.  Utility crews continue to work on restoring electrical power but progress has been frustratingly slow for those affected In transportation, the ports of New York and New Jersey have opened for limited traffic but reports of damaged and flooded unloading and warehouse facilities, along with a lack […]