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More Evidence Concerning Delta Airlines Understanding That Supply Chain Does Matter

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Supply Chain Matters has commented on several occasions regarding Delta Airlines and its strategies to understand and more efficiently manage the major cost drivers of the airline supply chain.  That included the bold move to actually acquire its own oil refinery to control the largest determinant of Delta’s operating costs. We call reader attention to a detailed profile article, Delta Flies New Route to Profits: Older Jets, published in today’s Wall Street Journal (paid subscription required or free metered view). After reading this article, this author has a strong sense that Delta management understands how leveraging integrated capabilities in deep operations and supply chain expertise can influence business outcomes.  It is also a great study in bucking accepted industry practices and thinking outside the norm. Case in point, the WSJ points out that while emerging discount carriers pursue a strategy of standardized aircraft and are in a rush to acquire […]

U.S. Regulatory Probe on Illicit Prescription Drug Distribution Targeting FedEx and UPS

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As I pen this posting, the weekend is approaching is there is lots of breaking news concerning industry supply chains. Probably the biggest bombshell was that The Wall Street Journal reported today (paid subscription or free metered view) that both FedEx and UPS have been targeted by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) in that agency’s continued crackdown on illegal prescription drug sales.  The WSJ report indicates that according to company disclosures, each has have been served with subpoenas starting as long as four years ago, and the latest probe is reaching a head.  The WSJ quotes Fed-Ex’s in-house legal counsel as indicating that that company could soon face criminal charges related to this latest probe. A spokesperson for FedEx is further quoted as indicating that the ongoing investigation has become “absurd and deeply disturbing” and that the government wanted to “deputize” FedEx personnel to report on suspected illegal shipments. […]

Upcoming 2012 Holiday Buying Season- Overcoming the Challenges of Fulfillment Complexity

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For the past three years, this author has contributed guest postings on the Infosys Supply Chain Management Blog.  An annual tradition has been guest postings that both set the stage for supply chain and B2B challenges in the upcoming holiday fulfillment surge, as well as well as post commentary on how supply chains actually fared. As was the case last year, the 2012 holiday buying season will be very much about the continued leveraging power of consumers in exercising multi-channel buying preferences and technology-enabled online tools.  An equally important test as we swing into the 2012 surge will be how online, brick and mortar retailers, along with their respective direct ship suppliers, exercise capabilities in multi-location stocking and fulfillment capability.  From this author’s lens, expect the 2012 holiday buying surge to yet another stress test for managing fulfillment complexity among online, retail and B2C goods providers. Supply Chain Matters readers […]