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Bangladesh Apparel Factory Fire Draws Protests and Calls for Action

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The Wall Street Journal and other news media report that this past weekend, yet another fire occurred at a Bangladesh apparel factory, with more than 100 workers reported killed in the blaze. This latest incident caused thousands of Bangladeshi’s to protest for safer working conditions, causing the temporary closing of over 200 exiting factories in the industrial zone just north of Dhaka.  Some of these protests turned violet. The latest incident involved an eight story factory operated by Tazeen Fashions Limited, a subsidiary of Tuba Group.  About 1400 people worked at the factory, the majority of which were women. Survivors indicated that the main exit doors were locked and there were no emergency exits in the building. According to the Canada based Maquila Solidarity Network, past incidents of apparel factory fires have killed over 600 people in the past six years, the latest being a December 2010 incident. Ironically, another […]