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California Port Strike Enters its Fourth Day- Time for Risk Mitigation Planning


It has been another busy and hectic week in our global supply chain world.  Even we at Supply Chain Matters cannot keep up. A labor dispute involving 800 clerical workers at the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach has just about shut down operations involving 40 percent of the U.S. import trade.  According to a published Bloomberg report, seven or eight terminals at the Port of LA and three of six terminals at the Port of Long Beach have halted operations. Union clerical workers, which handle most of the paperwork for ships entering these ports, walked out on Tuesday of this week amid an impasse on contract talks, and other union longshoremen have honored the clerical worker’s picket lines. According to an Associated Press report, at least 18 ships have been unable to either load or unload, since the strike began on Wednesday. Other anchored or inbound container or […]

2013 Supply Chain Matters Blog Sponsorships Available

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The months of November and December involve our sales cycle for 2013 named sponsors for this blog. Loyal readers please bear with us as we take care of business. We are able to share and publish the quality content that we provide through the support of our sponsors. For our sponsors we provide highly experienced product strategy, marketing and market research services that are individually tailored for sponsors and their brands. We remind providers of supply chain related technology and services that opportunities for being a named sponsor of the Supply Chain Matters blog in 2013 are open for both the Lead and Sustaining Sponsorship levels.  Social media and especially Blogs have come to be very influential sources of opinion, market knowledge and thought leadership, with this site being cited as among the top ten blogs commenting on global supply chain business process and information technology developments.  We again thank […]

Additional Calls for Increased Air Cargo Safety

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In covering many global supply chain developments we often note that the timing of public announcements, especially from governmental agencies is an important indicator of what is occurring behind the scenes. This week, the U.S. National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) indicated that current fire protection regulations concerning air cargo is inadequate. The NTSB urged the U.S. Federal Aviation Agency (FAA) to call for substantially tighter rules to prevent air cargo fires, including the installation of both advanced fire detection and fire-suppression systems installed on all U.S. cargo jets, as well as the use of fire-retardant cargo containers for cargoes that are highly flammable.   The NTSB action is a response to recommendations that agency made nearly six years ago in the wake of an onboard fire in 2006 involving a UPS DC-8 cargo jet landing in Philadelphia. That was followed in a 2010 crash of a UPS 747 freighter in […]

Is Apple Experiencing Production Problems with the iPad Mini?


A news capsule this week issued by noted that production problems continue to plague Apple and specifically its iPad Mini tablet, but they should be resolved early next year, according to a report by Taiwan-based DigiTimes. According to the DigiTimes commentary (paid subscription required to access content), production of Apple’s iPad Minis may fall as much as 40 percent below projections for the fourth quarter of 2012 due to problems with both the manufacturing yield of the LCD panels, as well as shortages of component supply.  The panel problems extend to the 21.5 inch and 27-inch iMac line as well, but later release dates should allow production to catch up and eliminate the backlog by Q1 2013, the report said. DigiTimes points to supplier AU Optronics as experiencing continuing problems in production yield causing that vendor’s prior commitment of 40 percent of target supply, to actually have a run […]

Next Week- Supply Chain Control Tower Part Two Webinar Presentation: Prepare for Take Off

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This commentary is a reminder to readers who are members of Accenture’s Supply Chain Management Academy. Next week, I will be delivering the second of a two-part community education series of webinars on the evolving hot topic of Supply Chain Control Towers (SCCT). In the Part One- Foundations webinar I addressed the fundamental strategic changes occurring across global supply chains, along with their implications for decision-making.  Part Two of this education series dives deeper into the people, process and technology capabilities to consider in preparing for a Supply Chain Control Tower initiative along with some guidelines for designing initiatives within industry supply chains. This series is exclusively available to members of the Accenture Academy. Readers who are Accenture Academy Live members, especially those who attended the Part One webinar, are encouraged to register for Part Two which is scheduled for Tuesday, December 4. Supply Chain Matters readers can also review […]