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Apple’s Announcement to Move Some Manufacturing to the U.S.- Expedient or Opportunistic?


Yesterday was Apple CEO Tim Cook’s day to shine in the media in the U.S.. With the able assistance of Apple’s public relations teams, exclusive public interviews were coordinated with Bloomberg BusinessWeek, which featured an exclusive cover story article, Tim Cook- The Apple CEO speaks, and with NBC News program, Rock Center and its host, Brian Williams. In terms of supply chain related news, traditional and social media have been hyping Cook’s announcement that Apple plans to build some Mac computes in the U.S. in 2013.  The company has plans to invest $100 million in that effort, and in both interviews, Cook stated that Apple has been working on this goal for a long time.  Cook, however, did qualify that Apple will not own its own manufacturing in the U.S., which implies a continued contract manufacturing arrangement. Traditional media will continue to hype Cook’s various statements and announcements. However, being […]