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More Information Comes to Light Regarding the Latest Bangladesh Factory Fire


We would like to call reader attention, especially those residing in either retail, apparel or other low-cost focused supply chains, to some newer information concerning the recent factory fire that occurred in Bangladesh.  Last month, a fire in an apparel factory operated by Tazreen Fashions Ltd. outside Dhaka, Bangladesh tragically killed 112 people and raised yet another appeal for increased worker safety in low-cost manufacturing environments. Today’s Wall Street Journal features a rather in-depth investigative article, Fire Warnings Went Unheard, (paid subscription or free metered view) concerning both the timeline and nature of supplier relationships that preceded this fire. The article presents evidence as to a perceived  lack of knowledge or accountability as to whether a supplier was qualified to produce goods for a retail customer. It is a probing editorial as to how suppliers and retailers can either turn a blind eye to existing supplier working conditions, or how […]