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A Billion Dollar Failed Software Implementation- Why?

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Last week, the New York Times published an article, Billion-Dollar Flop: Air Force Stumbles on Software Plan (paid subscription or free metered view), authored by Randall Stross, professor of business at San Jose State University. We found the article highly disturbing because it describes the failed attempts of the United States Air Force to implement a new and long overdue modernized logistics system. Last month, this military branch canceled a six year long effort to implement the new software system after spending more than $1 billion dollars of taxpayer money.  The Times article described the software as commercial based, off-the shelf software.  (vendors are named in the article)  Also noted: “When the Air Force realized that it would cost another $1 billion just to achieve one-quarter of the capabilities original planned- and that even then the system would not be fully ready before 2020- it decided to decamp.” Can you […]