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Another Edition of Rumors from the Apple Supply Chain

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Apple’s supply chain is again churning out rumors regarding what comes next for the world’s top rated supply chain. The Wall Street Journal and other media outlets are quoting sources within Apple’s contract manufacturing firm, Foxconn, as indicating that for the past several months, suppliers have been working on design prototypes of an Apple branded television.  Also noted is the inclusion of LCD manufacturing Sharp, who after issuing a dire financial warning, finally secured much needed infusion of $120 million in financing from Qualcomm. Sources have noted that the television is still in the early stages of testing. Interesting enough, Foxconn has begun assembling 60 inch HD televisions for Vizio, utilizing LCD panels produced by Sharp. Apple has long been rumored to be also working on designs for television set-top boxes but has run into resistance from cable operators. On another note, The Wall Street Journal separately reported that Foxconn […]

Next Up on Supply Chain Matters- 2013 Predictions

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For global supply chains, the upcoming year promises to be just as challenging and dynamic as this year has been. Starting tomorrow, Friday December 14, the Supply Chain Matters blog will begin to publish the 2013 edition of Annual Predictions for Global Supply Chains.   We will begin the series by unveiling a listing of all ten of our predictions, followed by an ongoing series of commentaries that explores each one of our predictions. This year, we will carry over some previous as well as add interesting new predictions for the upcoming year. This is an annual event that many of our readers look forward to so keep this site on your Favorites listing as we dive into 2013 predictions over the coming two weeks. As always, readers are encouraged to share their views or add their own predictions for the coming year. Bob Ferrari, Founder and Executive Editor