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JDA Software and RedPrairie Complete Their Merger

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Readers may recall that back on November 1st, privately held supply chain execution technology provider RedPrairie and publically held JDA Software announced intent to merge into a combined supply chain planning and execution powerhouse with revenues extending beyond $1 billion. At the time of the merger announcement, the tender offer was valued at $1.9 billion, a considerable premium. Today features a press release announcing the completion of this merger which is somewhat ahead of schedule. The new combined company will adopt the JDA brand name and will be led by Hamish Brewer, the former CEO of JDA Software.  Alok Singh, will assume the role of chairmen for both companies.  Headquarters for the combined company will be in Phoenix Arizona, the former home of JDA Software. According to today’s press release, the two companies have essentially completed an integration plan and the actual integration process will begin in January. An integrated […]

Supply Chain Matters 2013 Predictions for Global Supply Chains- Part Four

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Once a year, just before the start of the New Year, the Ferrari Consulting and Research Group and the Supply Chain Matters Blog provide a series of predictions for the coming year. We have maintained this tradition since the founding of the blog in 2008. Readers can view the entire listing by clicking on this web link: 2013 Predictions for Global Supply Chains.   In our Part One posting, we explored our first two predictions for 2013, the overall economic and business challenges, and our prediction of inbound commodity prices. Our Part Two posting explored predictions #3 and #4, which noted a continued renaissance in U.S, based manufacturing and the very important challenge of supply chain skills development and retention. Our Part Three posting explored Prediction #5, our industry specific supply chain challenges prediction. In the following posting we address the critical need for supply chain resiliency and responsiveness in […]

What SAP Supply Chain Management Users Can Expect in 2013

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These past few days, Supply Chain Matters has been featuring a series of commentaries related to what supply chain and B2B teams can expect in 2013. We trust our readers are gaining insights from this series as they think about objectives for the upcoming year. Last week, this author also had the opportunity to participate in an interview with Dave Hannon, Senior Features Editor for the SAPinsider Learning Network.  For those readers unfamiliar with this organization, it is the premiere learning network for the SAP installed base community. The topic of the interview was What SAP Supply Chain Management Users Can Expect from SAP in 2013. Supply Chain Matters readers can also review my response by double-clicking on the above title. I thank Dave for the opportunity to comment and share my thoughts with the SAP community. Bob Ferrari Founder and Executive Editor