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Boeing Hits 2012 Delivery Target for 787 Dreamliner

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Here is a typical condition many supply chain and manufacturing operational teams find themselves in at the end of a significant quarter or calendar year.  Management declares victory in spite of lingering challenges over a product, because management metrics and bonuses are riding on completing a milestone.   The case in point is a brief article appearing in today’s edition of The Wall Street Journal which declares that Boeing has met its 2012 delivery goals for customer shipments of its highly visible 787 Dreamliner program.  How did Boeing accomplish this milestone, you inquire? The company handed over 7 of the 787 aircraft to six customers during a 25 hour period, the classic “hockey stick” delivery method.  That must have kept Boeing production and customer acceptance teams rather busy these past few days. If readers have been following our latest 787 related commentaries on Supply Chain Matters, you would have noticed that […]