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Gartner Revises 2013 IT Spending Forecast

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Last week Gartner revised its Global IT Spend forecast from that issued in Q3 2012.  Gartner views much of the uncertainty surrounding the global economy as nearing resolution and thus the firm’s latest forecasts reflect more optimism. However, the media headlines regarding these changes can be somewhat confusing in terms of expected growth rates. Gartner now forecasts global IT spending to be $3.7 trillion in 2013, up from the $3.6 trillion predicted for 2012.  The confusion, at least for us, lies in the effects of constant currencies.  On the basis of constant currency, according to Gartner, global IT spending increased 4.1 percent in 2012, and will increase another 3.9 percent in 2013.   That is a reflection of nearly flat line growth and according to quote from a Gartner Managing Vice President published in the Financial Times, reflects that the global IT sector is maturing just a bit. There are two […]

Reports of Strategic Supply Changes Underway at Apple

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Last week, The Strategic Sourceror Blog reported what we at Supply Chain Matters have long suspected, that Apple is in the process of making a major change in its strategic component sourcing strategy. The Sourceror commentary makes note that recent reports published in the Taiwan Commercial Times point to Apple considering global semiconductor fab provider Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing (TSMC) as a new supplier for the A6X microprocessor utilized in some Apple iPad products. If this report proves to be accurate, TSMC will take over supply of this component from existing supplier Samsung Electronics. In our Supply Chain Matters commentary published In late August 2012, we noted that in the light of the contentious patent infringement court battles among Apple and Samsung, that there may well be strategic supply contract implications. In that commentary, we speculated on whether Apple would gradually replace Samsung as a major supplier for its key ARM […]