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Evidence of Stepped-Up Technology Investments in Aerospace in 2013

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Just this week, two announcements have come across the desk of Supply Chain Matters, each involving the highly stressed Aerospace industry and each directed at integrating information and insights across product management, manufacturing and broader supply chain areas. Manufacturing platform software provider Apriso announced that Bombardier Aerospace will standardize on a common Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) platform based on Apriso’s FlexNet manufacturing platform software.  The technology will be deployed to support the expanded production for both the CSeries and Lear85 aircraft production across facilities in Canada and Mexico. Both companies were already working on a 20 month effort to support the CSeries program, which will now be expanded to support other Bombardier production facilities. Apriso’s FlexNet provides manufacturing business intelligence for use by ERP, Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) and other systems. According to a statement by Apriso industry director, Rick Gallisa, Bombardier has embraced a three platform IT strategy consisting […]

Technical Difficulties

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Supply Chain Matters readers will note that we are experiencing some temporary technical difficulties related to the Menu structures appearing on the Blog’s top panel.  A recent WordPress upgrade over the weekend caused these difficulties and we are working to resolve these issues. Bob Ferrari, Executive Editor

Another Concerning Incident Involving the Boeing 787 Dreamliner

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We at Supply Chain Matters really did not want to follow-up so soon on our recent commentaries related to the ongoing shake-out and component failure issues related to Boeing’s 787 Dreamliner, but alas, they unfortunately continue. The implications also continue. Yesterday, a 787 Dreamliner operated by Japan Airlines caught fire while on the ground at Boston’s Logan International Airport. Fortunately, all passengers had deplaned from a 13 hour nonstop flight from Tokyo, while ground crews were making preparations for a return flight.  The fire was traced to the aft electrical equipment bay and was believed to originate in the aircraft’s auxiliary power system, where a lithium ion battery later exploded, causing a secondary fire.  The batteries housed in the APS makeup the aircraft’s emergency power system and also serve to start-up auxiliary power systems when the aircraft is on the ground. Fire crews reported a heavy smoke condition upon arrival. […]