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New York Dockworkers Walk Out of Regional Talks

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A posting on Everything indicates that regional contract talks between the International Longshoreman’s Association (ILA) and the New York Shipping Association, representing the ports of New York and New Jersey, broke down yesterday over issues related to local work rules and staffing. These regional talks are a part of the master contract extension agreed to in late December that averted a possible labor stoppage among all U.S. east coast ports. That contract extension goes until February 6th. The breakdown apparently involves local issues and statements quoted in the article indicate that union representatives initiated the current breakdown. Both sides are scheduled to meet again sometime next week. According to reports, it is unclear how these specific regional talks will impact either broader master agreement or any other east coast regional negotiations. Supply chain logistics and transportation teams need to continue to keep abreast of these developments. Bob Ferrari

Guest Posting: Information Driven Innovations in Supply Chain- Part Two

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The Role of Technology in Innovating Supply Chain The following guest posting is contributed by Infosys Limited, one of other named sponsors of the Supply Chain Matters Blog. It is authored by Rakhi Makad, Industry Principal and head of consulting for Information Transformation in the Manufacturing Industry practice at Infosys. Continuing from Part One, where we discussed the need to innovate supply chain, in this posting we explore how goals translates to business and technology needs: What does the office of the Supply Chain need? In the words of a supply chain executive – “I need up-to-minute visibility of end-to-end supply chain, integrating data from external partners and internal systems, to be able to identify bottlenecks and risks, and work together with all stakeholders to mitigate and optimize them swiftly”. Asking for too much? As you go higher in the supply chain hierachy, these needs become more strategic in nature […]

A Low-Priced Apple iPhone Has Considerable Supply Chain Implications

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Since our inception in 2008, Supply Chain Matters has provided numerous commentaries related to Apple and its supply chain strategies.  Why not, it is clearly the most visible and recognized supply chain on the planet. Thus, we were not all that surprised yesterday when The Wall Street Journal indicated that Apple is presumably working on a lower-priced version of the iPhone that could launch later this year. The WSJ points out that today, iPhone associated sales account for 48 percent of Apple’s revenues, yet the current high cost makes market share penetration within broader global markets a challenge. Apple’s market share in China has taken a major hit and remains low in other emerging markets.  Thus to continue its market growth momentum, Apple must further penetrate highly cost sensitive emerging markets. The article further speculates that to achieve a lower-priced iPhone, the phone’s shell would be produced in plastics vs. […]