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SAP’s New Business Suite Announcement Draws Mixed Reviews

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Last week SAP made what it thought was a major announcement, that being the product launch and availability of SAP Business Suite Powered by HANA.  As has been the tendency of SAP of late, many of SAP’s trusted market influencers, industry analysts and media sources were summoned to Palo Alto for the grand announcement.  Point of clarification, Supply Chain Matters was not on the invitee list, probably because we do not tend toward SAP group think or have significant revenue streams predicated on SAP activities. Our perspective has always been objective, and not what SAP’s media machine tends to want to hear.  One further disclosure: this author was a previous employee in SAP’s marketing groups for over two years. This release offers SAP Business Suite applications on the in-memory architecture based SAP HANA platform, including transactions and business intelligence. This includes SAP Supplier Relationship Management and SAP Supply Chain Management […]