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Johnson & Johnson Making Progress in Addressing Previous Product Quality Issues

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The Supply Chain Matters blog has featured many previous commentaries related to Johnson & Johnson and the supply chain, manufacturing and quality management challenges related to certain of its consumer brands. A long series of past product recalls in over-the counter (OTC) medicines involving Tylenol, Benadryl, Motrin and Zyrtec date back to 2009 and resulted in the outright temporary closing of a manufacturing facility in Pennsylvania. In July of 2011 there were revelations of an internal investigation led by Johnson & Johnson’s independent directors which points to a direct connection from certain headcount reductions, along with “periodic headcount freezes’ as contributing factors related to product quality breakdowns at the company’s McNeill Consumer Healthcare unit. In May of 2012, there was yet another product recall involving the McNeill OTC unit. Our commentary at the time noted that we did not necessarily want to ‘pile-on’ not so flattering commentary regarding any one […]