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Apple’s Q1-2013 Quarterly Results- A Supply Chain Matters Perspective

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By far, the largest attention of business media this week was on Apple and its reporting of December ending financial performance.  By now, many of you have probably viewed the headlines and bylines.  Being designated as one of the most valuable companies on the planet comes with rather high, or perhaps, insatiable expectations.  The majority of reporting seems to have tended toward disappointment, and Apple stock literally lost $50 billion in value overnight. Then again, the results in our view, were not all that bad, considering the supply chain lens. In terms of the highlights, Apple reported new records in total revenue and for iPhone and iPad sales. The problem was that total revenues came in at $54.5 billion vs. a Wall Street expectation that was just a bit higher. Sales of the company’s flagship iPhone grew 78 percent over the September ending quarter. Equity analysts are also expecting in […]

Boeing 787 Dreamliner Program Remains in Crisis- Commentary Two

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It has been roughly eight days since the grounding of all operational Boeing 787 Dreamliner’s as a result of unexplained electrical and other issues. Multiple governmental agencies have initiated ongoing investigations related to two specific fire related incidents on aircraft operated by Japan Airlines and All Nippon Airways, the global launch customer of this aircraft. The investigation as to the probable cause(s) of component or system failures has taken on global dimensions, similar to the 787’s global supply chain. The media coverage is endless, with publications like The Wall Street Journal providing multiple daily reporting on all angles of the investigation and the potential consequences. Meanwhile, Boeing continues to deal with the short or longer-term implications. Once again, Supply Chain Matters provides yet another commentary from a supply chain, information technology and B2B process and learning lens.  Readers are welcomed to review numerous past 787 centered commentaries by searching on […]