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Select European Manufacturers Financial Results Portend the Need for Agile Strategies

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Prediction One of our Supply Chain Matters 2013 Predictions for Global Supply Chains foretold of continued global economic challenges, especially involving Europe and the Eurozone countries. Recent quarterly financial results from select European based manufacturers  provide contrasting perspectives for dealing with the current global market challenges. These challenges will translate to their respective cross-functional supply chain organizations. This past week, the Financial Times has been reporting that two of Germany’s prominent manufacturers, Siemens and Bosch are each been compelled to embark on significant restructurings  due to underestimating the current weakness of European product demand in the second half of 2012. On the other hand, Anglo-Dutch consumer goods provider Unilever provided some significant results fueled by continued growth across emerging markets and a nimble global product rollout track record. Siemens, with a diverse set of businesses targeting different industries, reported its net profits declined €1.2 billion ($1.6 billion) in the December […]