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China’s College Students Shun Manufacturing Careers- Overcoming Stigmas

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Supply Chain Matters has been echoing other thought leadership voices across the manufacturing and supply chain spectrum addressing the continuing shortage and/or retention of skilled workers. In our 2013 Predictions for Global Supply Chains, we again noted these challenges as inhibiting the current renaissance of U.S. Manufacturing, and in Prediction Four, specifically addressed supply chain talent development and retention as a continuing challenge. These challenges are global in perspective, particularly involving China, the prime focal point for global manufacturing and distribution. Thus it was with peak interest that we came across a New York Times article, syndicated on this weekend that reported that Chinese college graduates continue to frown on assuming any factory floor job opportunities.  It reports that thousands of Chinese factories struggle to find workers who can operate complicated production equipment, much less maintain or repair such equipment.  Students aspire to pursue academic courses of study leading […]