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Global Supply Chain Activity for January Reflects Positive Signposts

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In conjunction with Prediction One of our Supply Chain Matters 2013 Predictions for Global Supply Chains, we will provide periodic commentaries throughout the year related to any noteworthy shifts in global supply chain activity, as reflected in recognized indices. Various global purchasing and production indicators reflecting on January 2013 indicate positive signs of optimism, particularly in China and the United States.  Probably the most positive indices and signs of optimism came from the Eurozone sector. U.S. purchasing and factory activity reflected in the Institute of Supply Management (ISM) January 2013 index indicates strong activity. The ISM PMI in January rose to 53.1, up 2.9 percentage points from the December 2012 index, and also the second consecutive month of increased activity. New orders, production and employment each had positive gains.  A 3.6 percentage point gain in new orders is an especially noteworthy sign of increased momentum along with a 2.1 point […]