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2013 Predictions Research Report Now Available

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Readers may recall that during the month of December, Supply Chain Matters outlined our ten predictions for global supply chains in 2013.  These predictions are now available in a comprehensive research report that is available for no-cost downloading. The report itself adds additional updated content that we were not able to provide in the series of blog commentaries. We merely ask that you provide us some basic name, position and email information. Again we reiterate that it is the policy of Supply Chain Matters to not sell, disclose or distribute our subscriber email data to third parties.  A sign-up for a no-cost research report will also place you on the distribution for our Supply Chain Matters Newsletter that is published throughout the year. Please visit our Research Center , located on the top menu bar, to download Annual 2013 Predictions for Global Supply Chains. Bob Ferrari  

GE Aviation Moves Toward Supply Chain Vertical Integration

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Today’s Wall Street Journal article reflecting on General Electric and its GE Aviation division (paid subscription required or free metered view) is impeccably timed. The article opens with the following introduction: “As Boeing pays a price for having farmed out crucial parts on its new Dreamliner, General Electric Co.’s aviation division is busy bringing work on its engines back in-house.” That statement uncovers a rather important consideration for today’s senior supply chain executives who’s supply chains support market innovative products, namely whether the needs of intellectual property protection, more intimate access to product development and the all-important protection of intellectual property assets (IT) outweigh savings garnered in supply chain outsourcing. These past months, this author has been leaning more toward vertical integration of the supply chain, as we continue to comment on companies who have elected to change course and pursue this strategy. The WSJ notes that GE Aviation must […]

Will SAP Learn the Importance of Voice of the Customer?

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Being an analyst and observer of the enterprise and B2B supply chain technology market for many years, I have observed that certain software companies often develop their own personalities and mannerisms. Some are market innovators, some are very in-tune to customer pain points and some just do not get it when it comes to the needs of you, the customer. In the latter category, unfortunately, is SAP, which continues to deploy product strategies that are sometimes good for SAP, perhaps not so for its universe of customers. This week, the blogosphere of enterprise software bloggers are abuzz with SAP’s latest indications of a price increase in standard maintenance services. The enterprise software provider has intentions to raise its standard support maintenance fee from 18 percent to 19 percent, effective July 15, 2013. SAP installed base customers might recall that the standard support option was reintroduced in January of 2010 after […]