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Hewlett Packard Tightens its Labor Standards within China

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Last week, Hewlett Packard issued new guidelines to its China based suppliers regarding the use of temporary and student based labor.  These guidelines were developed to counter the increasing utilization of temporary or student labor to respond to surges in manufacturing activities. These new guidelines stipulate that all work must be voluntary, and comply with local regulations regarding minimum working age and designated working environments.  HP developed these guidelines in tandem with China’s Center for Child Rights and Corporate Social Responsibility and according to its press release, goes beyond regulatory expectations for suppliers. According to HP, The guidelines focus on four objectives: All student and temporary workers must be voluntary should be free to leave work at any time upon reasonable notice without negative repercussions, along with access to reliable and reprisal-free grievance mechanisms. Local regulations regarding legal working age, work environment, working hours and contract limits for students and […]