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Nestle Reiterates That Traceability is Key to Food Safety

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Our European based and other readers are probably very aware of the news last week that Swiss frozen foods producer Findus was forced to recall its beef lasagna products in the United Kingdom after it was determined the product contained horse meat. This is not exactly a savory development, to state the least, and British and European media have been quick to call more oversight in food product quality. In the wake of this development, global consumer goods provider Nestle indicated that it has intensified the screening of and traceability of its food products. Nestle CEO Paul Bulcke indicated to business media that the horsemeat scandal will affect the entire industry even though Nestle product is not directly involved. In a Financial Times interview, Bulcke noted: “We check our suppliers very carefully, and of course, when something like this happens we intensify our procedures. But everything under our labels is […]

Our View of the Implications of a New Wave of Mega Acquisitions

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Wall Street and business media is abuzz about the latest blockbuster M&A deal, the Berkshire Hathaway and 3G Capital $23 billion acquisition of consumer goods food icon HJ Heinz. The byline serves as the fourth largest food and beverage acquisition thus far, perhaps the most stunning. Already, Wall Street watchers exclaim that merger activity is on a comeback while sharks are bantering names of new potential consumer goods acquisitions and a new wave of M&A activity for global bankers. Similar to the recently announced mega-deal involving Dell, the purpose is to take Heinz private to work on additional synergies and growth. The deal is expected to close later this year. The deal itself is a bit unusual since Berkshire’s role is the primary banker while 3G Capital will serve as the hands-on management operator. According to The Wall Street Journal, 3GCapital, a private investment firm based in Brazil, has a […]