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Another Potential Boeing Challenge

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As Boeing continues to respond to its ongoing challenge of responding to the grounding of the operational 787 Dreamliner fleet, another challenge lies at the doorstep. About 23,000 engineers who belong to The Society of Professional Engineering  Employees in Aerospace (SPEEA) are tallying a vote today on whether to accept Boeing’s latest labor contract offer or authorize a work stoppage. Ballots were due by 5pm today, and both Boeing and SPEEA leaders decline to speculate on the outcome of the current vote. The last work stoppage involving SPEEA occurred in 1999, resulting in a 40 day walkout and the delayed delivery of 50 aircraft. As The Wall Street Journal points out in its reporting, the irony of today’s vote is that it comes as hundreds of engineers continue working around the clock on the root cause and fix to the suspected 787 lithium ion battery system. A strike could well […]