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Amazon’s Q4 and 2016 Performance- Compelling Operational and Platform Momentum

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Amazon reported financial results for the December-ending quarter this week, exceeding Wall Street expectations in profitability. There were additional nuggets of information that add even more emphasis toward the online provider’s momentum in providing an online fulfillment platform not only for its own retail businesses, but for a growing number of other sellers as well. […]

2017 Industry Specific Predictions- B2C, B2B-to-C and Traditional Retail Supply Chains


Thus far, we have posted deep-dives on the first nine of our 2017 Predictions for Industry and Global Supply Chains.  The one prediction remaining is our final Prediction Ten, which for each year, dives into what we foresee as unique industry-specific supply chain challenges or environments for the coming year. This year’s industry-specific challenges were […]