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Supply Chain Matters Attendance at Oracle Modern Supply Chain Conference- Part Three

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Supply Chain Matters has been attending the Oracle Modern Supply Chain Experience conference being held in San Jose California and drawing over 2800 attendees.

In our Part One posting, we provided some highlights from the first’s day’s keynotes.

On our Part Two posting, we shared impressions of the Oracle S&OP Cloud application currently in-development.    Oracle MSCE Feb 17 169x300 Supply Chain Matters Attendance at Oracle Modern Supply Chain Conference  Part Three

Day two kicked-off with two mind-provoking keynotes that focused on futures of technology, organization and industry supply chains.

Yuri van Geest is described as a passionate professional, author, international keynote speaker and entrepreneur on exponential emerging technologies and the founder of Singularity University. Geest is co-author of the bestselling book, Exponential Organizations which describes fundamentally new ways startups and corporates are organized internally and externally to deal with disruption, exponential technologies and accelerated change. This is the first book by Singularity University Press globally.

As a result of accelerating technology change, a new breed of businesses is scaling ten times faster than established organizational structures. Yuri terms these as “Exponential Organizations.” His message was that the best vision of the future is happening in the peripherals of technology maturation. They include technologies such as artificial intelligence, robotics, additive manufacturing and 3D printing, sensors and drones. Each of these technologies are maturing rather dramatically in a cost vs. functionality dimension.

He predicted that evolving Blockchain technology provides both a trust protocol and the potential to automate transactional flow across the entire supply chain providing open and transparent transactional based visibility. Quantum computing technology can run 100 times faster than today’s standard computers. He declared that the half-time of IT competency has dropped to only two years. Think about that in the context that the average legacy ERP or specialized supply chain support application can be upwards of 10-15 years old.

According to von Geet, the notions of the Exponential Organization is one that exhibits eleven characteristics of shared values consisting of hard and soft skill competencies. He viewed exponential organizations as creating new jobs, but in totally different skill dimensions and leadership traits.

Our best description of this talk was that of mind-boggling and though provoking, requiring a lot of self-thought in terms of skills preparedness.

The second portion of today’s keynote tract was a supply chain thought leadership panel moderated by Roddy Martin, Oracle’s new Vice President, SCM Cloud Product Marketing. Three panelists included:

  • Karl Braitberg, Senior Vice President, Worldwide Systems Operations for Oracle
  • Stuart Whiting, Senior Vice president, Logistics and Network Design, Schneider Electic
  • John Gattorna, Supply Chain Thought Leader

Panelists described their impressions of current industry supply chains along with insights as to what is required for accelerating transformation to integrated people-process and technology capabilities.  Some insights shared included:

  • Customers as well as talent drive supply chains. Good leaders understand their markets and their customers.
  • Create and foster an end vision supported by common rewards and incentives.
  • Recruit people based on talent potential, those that exhibit passion
  • Failure is good- leverage as a learning
  • Be clear about your end goal but know that the path will often vary
  • The only way to resolve supply chain complexity is to deeply understand customer needs.
  • A metaphor that supply chains are to, many organizations, the central nervous system, with many dependent layers, and should be viewed and managed in this context.
  • Fast-track supply chain transformation, otherwise the forces of darkness will eventually get you.

In our next two commentaries, we will provide highlights from many of the great sessions that we managed to attend. This author will further share updated impressions of the changing nature of insights and lessons being learned that are now being described by supply chain team leaders, both in this and other recent conferences as-well.

Bob Ferrari

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