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Report that Alibaba Has Taken Majority Control of India’s Paytm


One of our 2017 Predictions for Industry and Global Supply Chains called for Amazon and Alibaba to continue to position for global online platform dominance, and we further predicted that both would remain cautious to perceptions of outright head-to-head competition. We concurred with Asia based business observers that one of the primary battle grounds this […]

An Update Concerning Foxconn


We wanted to provide our readers an update from a recent Supply Chain Matters posting citing a report indicating that a Sharp Foxconn U.S. plant announcement was imminent.  This week, The Wall Street Journal reported that while Foxconn was still interested in building a large-scale flat-panel U.S. manufacturing facility, its iconic Chairmen is challenging U.S. […]

Reminders from This Week’s AWS Network Outage


Readers may be aware that on Tuesday of this week, Amazon Web Services (AWS) encountered an hours-long services outage at a major U.S. East Coast data center complex that affected large numbers of web users and a fair number of Cloud services customers. Reports of major system outages have gained higher visibility of-late because of […]