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Leftover 2015 Budget- Consider Being a Noted Sponsor of Supply Chain Matters in 2016

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If you still have leftover budget for 2015, you may want to consider having your organization as a noted sponsor of the Supply Chain Matters blog in the coming year. It may well be one of your organization’s smartest end-of-year investments.

The Supply Chain Matters blog remains committed in providing the highest quality content and insights focused on the broad spectrum of supply chain management, procurement, B2B fulfillment, manufacturing and product lifecycle management business processes and supporting technology. This site provides the broadest coverage of industry-specific supply chain challenges, developments and learning.

They are all the umbrella of our site banner- supply chain business process and technology capability does indeed matter.

Did you know that our content can be accessed from three separate Internet addresses? That our @SC_Matters_Blog handle on Twitter has accumulated over 20,000 followers and that we also have a dedicated group on Linked-In? Our Quarterly Newsletter now reaches over 500 subscribed email addresses.

You will notice that we do not populate this site with a multitude of vendor ads, streaming advertisements or sponsored videos.  There are too many of these types of sites among the supply chain web universe that are more interested in generating content-driven revenues vs. quality and objectivity of content and insights. If you need more evidence, review our current deep-dive 2016 Predictions for Industry and Global Supply Chains.

We feature a limited number of sponsors which both share in the desire to support quality thought leadership in supply chain management and to bring attention to their products and services.  We carefully chose such sponsors for the overall value they provide. Readers can anticipate exciting announcements related to new sponsors in the days to come.

In 2015, we instituted a third-level Named sponsorship program to accommodate the needs of up and coming technology and services vendors who desire broader supply chain functional and IT brand visibility or need to support a new re-branding initiative.

Do consider a wise investment and consider joining one of our already noted sponsors of this blog. We will be here publishing for the remainder of December and in the New Year.

For further information and a prompt response, you can email us at: info <at> supply-chain-matters <dot> com

Bob Ferrari, Founder and Executive Editor


Updated Supply Chain Matters Copyright Notice

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We want to update all of our readers that Supply Chain Matters® has recently been granted a registered trademark. Thus, as in the past, content appearing on Supply Chain Matters® may not be used by any third party without written permission of our parent, The Ferrari Consulting and Research Group.   Supply Chain Matters Blog

When appropriate, certain uses of the Supply Chain Matters® mark may be permitted, such as for advertising purposes or for the authorized linking or reproduction of content from the Supply Chain Matters site.  Such permission may be in the form of a written license, the details of which will be dependent on the specific request.  Please contact us at [] if you would like to request permission to use the Supply Chain Matters® mark.

Supply Chain Matters BlogAll of Supply Chain Matters® copyright and syndication terms can be viewed by accessing the Copyright and Syndication menu located at the top menu bar.

If you have seen unauthorized use of Supply Chain Matters®, we would appreciate hearing from you.  Please contact us at [].

Once again, thank you for your loyal readership.

Bob Ferrari, Founder and Executive Editor

The Five Year Anniversary of Supply Chain Matters

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From the Editor’s Desk:

This week marks quite a significant milestone for the Supply Chain Matters blog. 

It was five years ago this week, that we launched this endeavor, not really knowing what it would bring. Supply Chain Matters Blog Today, we are proud of the fact that our readership spans the entire globe, with thousands of cross functional, B2B and IT focused supply chain management professionals visiting this web site each and every month.  Our audience spans multiple industry supply chains.

This blog further provides the deepest and broadest availability of content and insights specifically addressing industry unique supply chain management developments and learning.  Click on any one of our specific industry search tags on the right-hand panel and you will experience that fact.

We constantly receive direct emails from readers asking specific questions, seeking additional resources or desiring to schedule follow-up engagements. Please feel free to continue to directly communicate to us utilizing the email: info <at> supply-chain-matters <dot> com.

We trust that the content and insights we are producing each and every day meet your educational, leadership and career management needs. One of the areas that I am most proud of is our growing audience of readers who aspire to have a long-term career in the various fields of global supply chain management. During 2014, this blog will feature added insights focused on mid-market companies and their supply chain needs and challenges. We continue to encourage your direct feedback on how we can continue improve this blog. If there are content areas that you feel we should cover in more depth, please let us know utilizing the email above. We appreciate and respond to all forms of feedback.

Our named sponsors help to defray the day-to-day operating and ongoing development costs for this blog.  More importantly, sponsors gain incredible benefits from being a named sponsor, not the least of which is being recognized by a highly focused readership of cross-functional supply chain management readers for your products and services.  Once more, we add the personalized services of a highly experienced industry analyst with deep knowledge of industry supply chains. Let us know if your company or firm wants to explore a sponsorship.

A final note regarding a fact that you may not be aware of:  Did you know that this blog can actually be accessed by either of three different web addresses:

Now you do know.

Once again, we extend our sincere thanks for your continued loyal following. We look forward to continuing to serve our readership audience.

Bob Ferrari, Founder and Executive Editor

What Differentiates Supply Chain Matters

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From time to time it is important to differentiate one’s presence on the web especially when so many individuals and groups have discovered the power of social media to establish their brand identity.  Supply Chain Matters Blog

Since founding Supply Chain Matters in 2008, I have had a goal for this site to serve as a premier voice of independent thought leadership reflecting on global supply chain business process and information technology developments. Our chosen name and our approach is straight-forward- a deep belief that the vast collection of supply chain capabilities do matter in the world of business, and that important learning can be gained by sharing observation, insight and perspectives. Our audience consists of a targeted group of senior and functional practitioners across multiple supply chain, online commerce, IT and other disciplines. We also have broad appeal to supply chain technology and service providers but we do not produce content solely for their benefit.

Editorial and perspectives are formed from my background of over 30 years of experience in supply chain management across multiple operational, functional and IT roles, and as a noted supply chain industry analyst for two top-tier industry analyst firms. This author has implemented business process change and information systems initiatives, large and small, and has been fortunate to have led on either side of these initiatives, namely for businesses themselves, and from software companies pitching their value propositions.  We invite and encourage guest commentary from other experienced professionals. In short, we believe our perspectives are unique, and we chose to share those perspectives with our readers.

Supply Chain Matters exists as an independent blog voice.  The insights and thought leadership shared is offered in an open environment, but we do reserve copyright and attribution rights to our content. We provide the deepest level of both industry-centric and cross-functional supply chain related insights and perspectives. We are pleased that in 2012, this site experienced close to 400,000 visits with nearly 1.2 million pages served to readers.

We are NOT owned nor operated by any technology or supply chain services focused company.  This author makes his living by providing consulting and advisory services through our other entity, The Ferrari Consulting and Research Group LLC, which is the purposeful owner of this web site domain.

We can be accessed by either of three different web addresses: Our primary address, an extension of our named domain.


Our named sponsors that you see featured in our blog sponsorship panel have recognized the value of our presence and expertise in social media, market and technology perspectives and have paid to be associated with our banner.  Last year, our sponsor ads garnered over 1.7 million ad impressions on content pages. The blog itself funds its operating and other expenses from revenues derived from named sponsors. We continually thank our sponsors, not only for their support and recognition, but for their tolerance for an independent editorial voice.  If your firm wants to invest in a lasting and continuous impression of your brand and services, you might consider becoming a named sponsor.  Further information can be obtained by sending an email to info <at> supply-chain-matters <dot> com.

We conclude with a sincere thanks and gratitude to all of our globally based readers.  Thank you for your continued support and loyal readership and do spread the word to others.

Bob Ferrari, Founder and Executive Editor

Why We Are Different

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Mark Smith, CEO and Chief Research Officer for Ventana Research penned a blog commentary lamenting that the ethics in the technology industry analyst community has deteriorated when it comes to objectivity and independence in research.  In his essay commentary, Mark expresses concerns of the increased influence by large technology vendors. He notes that the volume of timely research from the large industry analyst firms has gotten smaller, and that the largest technology vendors “have forced industry analyst firms to contractually agree to the right to review, edit and approve any written research that references their name or products before it is published.”

In this Supply Chain Matters commentary, we feel compelled to clarify some important points. We are not trying to discredit or bash the current state.  Others can and probably will add to this discourse regarding the existing state of large industry analyst firms. We instead are explaining who we are and what we feel makes us different.

The Ferrari Consulting and Research Group, the parent of Supply Chain Matters, as with other smaller and more independent firms, differentiates from the large scale advisory firms.  We recognized and fill an important need for a hybrid business model that leverages social media based open access to industry analyst viewpoints with highly experienced industry analyst and technology consulting skills. Our business model is unique. Our research is high quality and our insights come from years of hands-on supply chain corporate experience.  We view our analysis as objective, insightful and independent, and we trust others will as well.

We continue in the belief that social media conversation and blogs provide an important source of influence for technology buyers and consumers.  Supply Chain Matters and other quality blogs continue to be a testimonial to this reality.

We adhere to a set of ethical standards.  Our readers will notice that Supply Chain Matters does and will continue to disclose in an individual commentary, any direct or perceived relationship with a sponsor or a particular vendor that happened to be named in that commentary.   Vendors are not provided any editorial input or voice in our blog commentaries, other than after the fact, to note improper citing of product nomenclature or clarify improper statements. After all, we are human, and do err from time-to-time.  Blog sponsors are granted license to cite or reference Supply Chain Matters commentaries for clearly defined purposes, and we insure that these purposes are adhered to.  We will not entertain any request for a paid blog commentary even thou we continue to receive occasional requests.  While some bloggers and other media properties might do it, we at Supply Chain Matters do not ascribe to this practice.

Our published research also adheres to a set of similar standards.  If a particular vendor has sponsored a research project, they are granted access to the final draft, prior to publishing.  Here again, vendor input does not include editorial or content oversight, but rather fact-checking for insuring accuracy of naming and terms. These were all standard practices in the industry as much as ten years ago, with a clear line of differentiation between what can or cannot be edited.

Differentiation comes from the uniqueness in our business model, the quality and independence of the research insights provided and the reputation of the analyst for communicating objective and insightful analysis in helping our clients and readers to make more-informed business process and technology selection decisions.

In the end, any analyst, consultant or blogger must stand on reputation and creditability.

Bob Ferrari

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