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Yet Another Recognition for Supply Chain Matters

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Earlier this week, the Barcode Learning Center blog, hosted on the system_id web site, featured The Ultimate Supply Chain Reference Guide.  This guide was written as a resource to help supply chain Supply Chain Matters Blogprofessionals stay up to date on current news, trends and best practices in logistics and supply chain management.

We were honored to note that Supply Chain Matters was cited among the top five Blogs & News Aggregators, as well as a listing of twelve must-follow Twitter accounts for logistics and supply chain professionals.

Supply Chain Matters is honored by this recognition and to be among such company. We extend a thank you to the guide’s author, Jay Schofield, who penned this reference guide.

Compiling and managing the content for this blog on a day-to-day basis is sometimes arduous but continued recognition is what insures us that we are providing broad based supply chain, procurement, manufacturing and product lifecycle management education and insights for our global community of readers.

Please note that Supply Chain Matters® and our parent, The Ferrari Consulting and Research Group, have no client or monetary association with the Barcode Learning Center blog or system_id Barcode Solutions.

Bob Ferrari, Founder and Executive Editor

Supply Chain Matters Again Cited as Top Supply Chain Website

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We are continually thrilled to note that the Supply Chain MattersBlog continues to receive industry-wide recognition.                Supply Chain Matters Blog

This week, Argentus Talent Acquisition, a Canadian based talent and recruitment firm advised its clients and supply chain management talent candidates of the Top Supply Chain Websites.  The criteria were web sites that cover a wide variety of supply chain topics and help to stay abreast of what’s happening in this business space.

We were quite pleased to observe Supply Chain Matters ranked Number One among this Top Ten listing. Although the Argentus team readily notes that its ranking is not meant to be exhaustive, we were humbled to be ranked with along with other well-known and respected sites such as Supply Management, Supply Chain Management Review, Spend Matters (not affiliated with us) and Procurement Insights. We are in great company.

Supply Chain Mattters has consistently been cited as one of the top independent blogs commenting on supply chain management and B2B business networks. Prior citations included Top 25 Most Influential Supply Chain Management Blogs and 100 Elite Resources for Logistics. This author was also cited as Top Supply Chain Power Influencer on Social Media.

Our sincere thanks to the team at Argentus Talent Acquisition for this recognition.

A final note for new readers. Please do not confuse this site with DHL Supply Chain Matters, which is a different site. We are an independent blog not affiliated with any global shipping or logistics provider and have existed long before.

Bob Ferrari, Founder and Executive Editor

Supply Chain Matters Executive Editor Named in Top Supply Chain Power Influencers

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The SupplyChainOpzweb site, previously known as SCM-Operations, has published its ranking of the Top 25 supply chain management focused social media influencers. 

 According to site author Ben Benjabutr: “Social media has been adopted by supply chain management professionals as a mechanism to express opinions and disseminate knowledge. Since there is too much information floating around, many people rely on “influencers” who exhibit expertise, enthusiasm, or creditability.”

The ranking Supply Chain Power Influencers is described as predicated on four separate metrics:


  • The number of retweets on Twitter vs. the number of followers
  • Klout Score that represents influence including size of network, type of networks, length of time and activity.
  • Kred analysis of tweets from the last 1000 days which were retweeted, relied, mentioned and followed.
  • Peerindex measures related to how content is shared on other social media focused sites such as Facebook and Google Plus


This ranking also utilized “Buzzsumo” as an alternative data source where 2000 Twitter profiles were analyzed to narrow to the cited listing of 25.

 I was therefore quite quite pleased and honored to note that my Twitter name is listed as number nine, among other prestigious names of academic institutions, professional organizations, publications and noted technology providers. Again, the ranking can be accessed and reviewed at this web link.

We sincerely thank Ben and SupplyChainOpz for this objectives analysis and recognition.

 Since founding Supply Chain Matters in 2008, my goal was and remains to have this site serve as a source of unbiased opinion, knowledge and insights related to ongoing developments and learning concerning supply chain management business processes and information technology.  Our influence is predicated on a belief that supply chain capabilities do indeed matter in successful business outcomes.

Judging from continued awards and recognition, our message is resonating.

Bob Ferrari, Founder and Executive Editor


The Five Year Anniversary of Supply Chain Matters

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From the Editor’s Desk:

This week marks quite a significant milestone for the Supply Chain Matters blog. 

It was five years ago this week, that we launched this endeavor, not really knowing what it would bring. Supply Chain Matters Blog Today, we are proud of the fact that our readership spans the entire globe, with thousands of cross functional, B2B and IT focused supply chain management professionals visiting this web site each and every month.  Our audience spans multiple industry supply chains.

This blog further provides the deepest and broadest availability of content and insights specifically addressing industry unique supply chain management developments and learning.  Click on any one of our specific industry search tags on the right-hand panel and you will experience that fact.

We constantly receive direct emails from readers asking specific questions, seeking additional resources or desiring to schedule follow-up engagements. Please feel free to continue to directly communicate to us utilizing the email: info <at> supply-chain-matters <dot> com.

We trust that the content and insights we are producing each and every day meet your educational, leadership and career management needs. One of the areas that I am most proud of is our growing audience of readers who aspire to have a long-term career in the various fields of global supply chain management. During 2014, this blog will feature added insights focused on mid-market companies and their supply chain needs and challenges. We continue to encourage your direct feedback on how we can continue improve this blog. If there are content areas that you feel we should cover in more depth, please let us know utilizing the email above. We appreciate and respond to all forms of feedback.

Our named sponsors help to defray the day-to-day operating and ongoing development costs for this blog.  More importantly, sponsors gain incredible benefits from being a named sponsor, not the least of which is being recognized by a highly focused readership of cross-functional supply chain management readers for your products and services.  Once more, we add the personalized services of a highly experienced industry analyst with deep knowledge of industry supply chains. Let us know if your company or firm wants to explore a sponsorship.

A final note regarding a fact that you may not be aware of:  Did you know that this blog can actually be accessed by either of three different web addresses:

Now you do know.

Once again, we extend our sincere thanks for your continued loyal following. We look forward to continuing to serve our readership audience.

Bob Ferrari, Founder and Executive Editor

Continued New Milestones for Supply Chain Matters Blog Readership

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We are delighted to report that in March 2013, the Supply Chain Matters blog experienced the highest readership volume in the past several months.  Our domain had over 46,000 visits in March, with over 15,000 being unique, first-time visitors. Readers spent on-average, over 4 and one-half minutes reviewing our various postings and content this past month.

We were very pleased to further report that Supply Chain Matters was cited in a listing of 100 Elite Resources for Logistics and included in a listing of Top 25 Most Influential Supply Chain Management Blogs.

Once again we would like to express a shout-out and sincere thank you to all our readers. While we are not a big organization that spends lots of money on self-promotion, our readership volume and loyalty is a tribute to the fact that supply chain teams seek quality, unbiased content and perspective.

Finally, a reminder to supply chain technology and services providers that your company can daily  brand recognition and be recognized for sponsoring quality global supply chain thought leadership by becoming one of our named blog sponsors. We have current open slots available at all levels which can match your budget needs. Additional information can be garnered by sending an email to: info <at> supply-chain-matters <dot> com.

Bob Ferrari, Founder and Executive Editor

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