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    Some New Realities of U.S. Corporate Tax Reforms

    The United States Congress is in the final stages of reconciling significant corporate tax reform. In this Supply Chain Matters blog we raise awareness to certain actions that may have implications for supply chain demand planning and inventory management for certain industries.

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    Tesla Garners Additional Reservations for Electric Truck

    This is a follow-up to our prior November Supply Chain Matters blog commentary: Tesla’s Electric Truck- Brilliance or More Challenge and Distraction, the unveiling of Tesla’s long-rumored Class 8 semitrailer truck. This week provides added good and not-so-good news related to this innovative new electrically-powered vehicle.

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    Revisiting 2017 Predictions for Industry and Global Supply Chains- Part Five

    Supply Chain Matters continues with reviewing and self-scoring each of the 2017 Predictions for Industry and Global Supply Chains published at the beginning of this year. In this Part Five update, we revisit our industry-specific predictions related to both U.S. automotive industry and global commercial aerospace industry supply chains.

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    After Fifth Round- NAFTA Modernization Talks Remain Contentious

    Trade representatives of Canada, Mexico and the United States completed another five days of NAFTA re-negotiation talks this week which were hosted by Mexico. After this fifth round, the overall mood of these talks remains far less optimistic for a successful overall outcome.

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    Tesla’s Electric Truck- Brilliance or More Challenge and Distraction?

    Last week, Tesla unveiled the design of its long-rumored Class 8 semitrailer truck, representing the latest vision of disrupting conventional transportation. The announcement itself was met with mixed reactions which were mostly centered on the event serving as a distraction to Tesla’s current operational challenges. With a movement into an entirely different market segment, Tesla needs to seriously consider supplementing its operational and supply chain resource depth.

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    A Declared Tough U.S. Stance Related to NAFTA Talks

    This week, United States Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross spoke to attendees of The Wall Street Journal’s CEO Council indicating that the Trump Administration’s ongoing hardball strategy regarding ongoing North America Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) talks comes from perceived leverage over Canada and Mexico.

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