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  • High Tech and Consumer Electronics Supply Chain

    The Toyota-Mazda U.S. Manufacturing Plant Announcement Must Factor a Changing Industry and Geo-Political Environment

    Toyota Motor and Mazda Motor recently announced joint plans to build a new $1.6 billion auto assembly plant somewhere in the United States. Beyond the current industry and or politically motivated speculation as to where this plant will be ultimately sourced and built are today’s new realities of major industry supply chain sourcing decisions, including fundamental power-train value-chain differences and an uncertain geo-political environment.

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    Additional Reaction to the Foxconn U.S. Investment Announcement

    Supply Chain Matters provides a brief update on Foxconn’s formal announcement of a significant investment in a U.S. manufacturing facility. Roughly three weeks since this announcement and there are already differing views and skepticism regarding the viability of this announcement.

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    U.S. Border Adjustment Tax Seems Off the Table But Remain Vigilant

    This week, Congressional Republicans and the Trump Administration essentially abandoned the border adjustment tax approach amid a heavy amount of lobbying by various impacted industries. However, Supply Chain Matters advises teams to remain vigilant in a detailed understanding all the elements that make up the supply chain network and remain prepared to be able to assess any political or global trade impacts.

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