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Updated Supply Chain Matters Copyright Notice

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We want to update all of our readers that Supply Chain Matters® has recently been granted a registered trademark. Thus, as in the past, content appearing on Supply Chain Matters® may not be used by any third party without written permission of our parent, The Ferrari Consulting and Research Group.   SCM 250 76 Updated Supply Chain Matters Copyright Notice

When appropriate, certain uses of the Supply Chain Matters® mark may be permitted, such as for advertising purposes or for the authorized linking or reproduction of content from the Supply Chain Matters site.  Such permission may be in the form of a written license, the details of which will be dependent on the specific request.  Please contact us at [] if you would like to request permission to use the Supply Chain Matters® mark.

SCM 2 logo.jpeg 300x225 Updated Supply Chain Matters Copyright NoticeAll of Supply Chain Matters® copyright and syndication terms can be viewed by accessing the Copyright and Syndication menu located at the top menu bar.

If you have seen unauthorized use of Supply Chain Matters®, we would appreciate hearing from you.  Please contact us at [].

Once again, thank you for your loyal readership.

Bob Ferrari, Founder and Executive Editor

Kinaxis- A New Named Sponsor for Supply Chain Matters in 2015

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We are pleased to announce to our global based Supply Chain Matters readership audience that Kinaxis has returned to be a Named sponsor of this blog in 2015. Kinaxis was one of the very first sponsors of this blog upon our founding in 2008, and we look forward to a renewed relationship during the coming year.  KinaxisLogo 2015 150 Kinaxis  A New Named Sponsor for Supply Chain Matters in 2015

With origins that date back to 1984, and with its founding in 1995, Kinaxis and its flagship RapidResponse supply chain planning and rapid response technology has been adopted by industry-leading companies across multiple industry verticals, including aerospace & defense, automotive, high tech, industrial, and life sciences. Kinaxis delivers a collection of highly-configurable cloud S&OP and supply chain applications which are at the very heart of supply chain planning and decision making for large manufacturing companies with complex supply chains and volatile business environments. Kinaxis recently completed a successful initial public offering and is now a public company listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange.

As part of this new sponsorship arrangement, this author will be featured as a periodic guest blogger on the Kinaxis 21st Century Supply Chain blog where I will be contributing thought leadership on timely topics. Supply Chain Matters will additionally feature periodic thought leadership provided by select Kinaxis executives.

Join me in welcoming Kinaxis as our new Named sponsor of Supply Chain Matters.

For further information regarding Kinaxis and its technology capabilities, click on the logo included in our Named sponsor panel.

Bob Ferrari, Founder and Executive Editor


Our Best Supply Chain Matters Readership Month To-Date

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There is often a view that during the summer months, when many take vacation time to enjoy warm weather, family and friends, that social media interest focused on the broad spectrum of supply chain management wanes.    SCM 250 76 Our Best Supply Chain Matters Readership Month To Date

That was not the case with Supply Chain Matters.

The months of July and August provided our largest reader audience thus far in 2014.

Last month, this web domain experienced over 47,000 visits with more than 14,000 being unique, first-time visitors. The average duration of visitors exceeded 5 minutes, which is a significant number when one considers the multitude of web destinations that are now focusing on supply chain management.

Did you know that our @SC_Matters_Blog handle on Twitter has accumulated over 20,000 followers, that we also have a dedicated group on Linked-In, and that our Quarterly Newsletter reaches over 500 email addresses ?

Once again, I need to express sincere thanks for your loyal and continued readership of Supply Chain Matters.  We are honored and humbled.

We remain committed in providing the highest quality content and insights focused on the broad spectrum of supply chain management, procurement, B2B fulfillment, manufacturing and product lifecycle management business processes and supporting technology. They are all the umbrella of how supply chain capability does matter.

You will notice that we do not populate this site with a multitude of vendor ads, streaming advertisements or sponsored videos.  We will maintain that standard, sometimes at the expense of added revenues.

We do however have a limited number of named sponsors which both share in the desire to support quality thought leadership in supply chain management and to bring attention to their products and services.  We carefully chose such sponsors for the overall value they provide.

We have limited sponsorship opportunities available that extend through the end of 2014 with some attractive pricing. If interested, send us an email at: info@supply.chain.matters <dot> com.

If readers would like to receive automatic notifications of Supply Chain Matters postings via email, as well as distribution of our Quarterly Newsletter, you can add your email address in the Subscribe Via Email box located in the right-hand panel.

Bob Ferrari, Founder and Executive Editor

Supply Chain Matters Again Cited as Top Supply Chain Website

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We are continually thrilled to note that the Supply Chain MattersBlog continues to receive industry-wide recognition.                sup rgb 300x91 Supply Chain Matters Again Cited as Top Supply Chain Website

This week, Argentus Talent Acquisition, a Canadian based talent and recruitment firm advised its clients and supply chain management talent candidates of the Top Supply Chain Websites.  The criteria were web sites that cover a wide variety of supply chain topics and help to stay abreast of what’s happening in this business space.

We were quite pleased to observe Supply Chain Matters ranked Number One among this Top Ten listing. Although the Argentus team readily notes that its ranking is not meant to be exhaustive, we were humbled to be ranked with along with other well-known and respected sites such as Supply Management, Supply Chain Management Review, Spend Matters (not affiliated with us) and Procurement Insights. We are in great company.

Supply Chain Mattters has consistently been cited as one of the top independent blogs commenting on supply chain management and B2B business networks. Prior citations included Top 25 Most Influential Supply Chain Management Blogs and 100 Elite Resources for Logistics. This author was also cited as Top Supply Chain Power Influencer on Social Media.

Our sincere thanks to the team at Argentus Talent Acquisition for this recognition.

A final note for new readers. Please do not confuse this site with DHL Supply Chain Matters, which is a different site. We are an independent blog not affiliated with any global shipping or logistics provider and have existed long before.

Bob Ferrari, Founder and Executive Editor

Supply Chain Matters Announces Enhanced Research Center

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Since the founding of the Supply Chain Matters blog in 2008, our goal remains to produce industry analyst caliber insights and commentary for our readers. We develop content for the broad supply chain management and B2B/B2C business network community and our efforts are directed at providing knowledge without technology vendor biases or influences. Unlike some sites, when we have an  sup rgb 300x91 Supply Chain Matters Announces Enhanced Research Centerassociation with a vendor or sponsor, we will openly disclose such an association in our commentaries and research.

We are pleased to announce that we have completed some changes regarding accessibility to Supply Chain Matters research and insights. The Research Center, located on the top menu bar, is an area where our readers can download comprehensive research reports. Candidly, when we first developed the site, this area was somewhat of a kludge behind the scene, making it rather difficult to populate and continually maintain research documents. This has limited our ability to provide more research focused insights and documents as well as making archived copies of our Quarterly Newsletter more accessible. Our new Research Center has been divided into two sections: Complimentary Reports and Reports Available for Purchase. For the time being, as we accustom readers to this new functionality, we have initially populated the Complimentary Reports area.

Previously, most of our deepest insights related to industry supply chains and enabling technology have been offered in the open blog format.  We will in the coming weeks and months, begin to formulate these types of insights into short research briefs, industry or technology vendor perspectives that will specifically be made available for download.  Supply Chain Matters and the Ferrari Research and Consulting Group will continue to require a minimal amount of registration information to receive downloadable documents, specifically name, title, organization, telephone and email address. It is and has always been our policy to not share or sell the identity of our readers and subscribers to any third party. Instead, reader information helps us to better identify our industry related audience along with the ability to tailor more industry specific insights and research needs.

One additional note: currently the Complimentary Research report download page has language instructions related to PayPal credit card instructions.  That is an error, and is being corrected.  You will not be required to provide any credit card information to receive complimentary research.  After filling-in your registration information, the system will automatically send you a separate email containing the no-cost download web link.

Feel free to explore our new Research Center.

Bob Ferrari, Founder and Executive Editor