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Supply Chain Matters Welcomes New Sponsor- LLamasoft, Inc.

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Supply Chain Matters is very pleased to announce and welcome as our newest Named sponsor, LLamasoft Inc.

LLamasoft’s is a supply chain technology innovator focused on hard-core predictive and prescriptive analytics, and their software is used across the globe in every major industry to enable continuous supply chain design. This Editor and independent supply chain industry analyst has been following the stellaLLamasoft Logo 150 Supply Chain Matters Welcomes New Sponsor  LLamasoft, Inc.r growth of this software provider since its founding, and LLamasoft’s market prominence remains impressive.  In fact, in each of the last four years LLamasoft has been recognized on the Deloitte Fast 500 as the fastest-growing supply chain software company in North America.

After the initial release of its flagship product Supply Chain Guru in 2002, LLamasoft has substantially increased its market presence. It was the first company to offer supply chain simulation technology alongside numerous optimization approaches (network, multi-echelon inventory, production, capacity, product flow-path, cost-to-serve, etc.) to enable better analysis of time, variability, and risk.  LLamasoft was also an early leader in the “green” supply chain movement by offering a fully integrated greenhouse gas emission modeling capability. In 2012 LLamasoft launched its transportation optimization tool, and numerous other product developments and innovations led to its 2014 launch of, the first cloud-based supply chain design platform and DataGuru, a first of its kind data blending and connectivity application.

In 2015 LLamasoft announced the acquisition of the IBM LogicTools suite, as well as the Barloworld supply chain software division which included the CAST and Optimiza network design and planning products. In that same year the company received a $50 million capital investment from Goldman Sachs for accelerated development and growth initiatives.

Headquartered in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and with offices across the globe, LLamasoft remains an active leader and innovator in supply chain excellence and innovation, advancing technology focused on continuous improvement of enterprise supply chains involving a variety of well recognized enterprises. Today, over 50 percent of Fortune 100 member supply chains are designed with LLamasoft technology.

In conjunction with LLamasoft’s sponsorship, Supply Chain Matters will be featuring over the next 6 months an updated market education series of commentaries related to supply chain wide visibility. This is an area consistently cited by many supply chain leaders as a continued perplexing challenge. It is an area that includes the need for a unified source of supply chain planning and fulfillment information with data that is accurate, consistent and cleansed. It requires a data streaming effort that can be leveraged by supplemental applications that support data visualization, analytics and enhanced and more-timely decision-making.

In our forthcoming market education series Supply Chain Matters will address the foundational aspects and business process foundations of extended supply chain visibility. We will further address information technology considerations as well as critical success factors, change management and key learning derived from various industry initiatives in this area.

Join me in welcoming LLamasoft as our new sponsor of supply chain wide visibility thought leadership. For more information regarding this innovative technology provider, readers are encouraged to visit the LLamasoft web site.

Bob Ferrari

Founder and Executive Editor

Kinaxis- A New Named Sponsor for Supply Chain Matters in 2015

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We are pleased to announce to our global based Supply Chain Matters readership audience that Kinaxis has returned to be a Named sponsor of this blog in 2015. Kinaxis was one of the very first sponsors of this blog upon our founding in 2008, and we look forward to a renewed relationship during the coming year.  KinaxisLogo 2015 150 Kinaxis  A New Named Sponsor for Supply Chain Matters in 2015

With origins that date back to 1984, and with its founding in 1995, Kinaxis and its flagship RapidResponse supply chain planning and rapid response technology has been adopted by industry-leading companies across multiple industry verticals, including aerospace & defense, automotive, high tech, industrial, and life sciences. Kinaxis delivers a collection of highly-configurable cloud S&OP and supply chain applications which are at the very heart of supply chain planning and decision making for large manufacturing companies with complex supply chains and volatile business environments. Kinaxis recently completed a successful initial public offering and is now a public company listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange.

As part of this new sponsorship arrangement, this author will be featured as a periodic guest blogger on the Kinaxis 21st Century Supply Chain blog where I will be contributing thought leadership on timely topics. Supply Chain Matters will additionally feature periodic thought leadership provided by select Kinaxis executives.

Join me in welcoming Kinaxis as our new Named sponsor of Supply Chain Matters.

For further information regarding Kinaxis and its technology capabilities, click on the logo included in our Named sponsor panel.

Bob Ferrari, Founder and Executive Editor


Announcing JDA Software as a Lead Sponsor of the Supply Chain Matters Blog

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I am thrilled to announce to our Supply Chain Matters readers that JDA Software is our new Lead level sponsor of this blog in 2015.  JDA 250 124 Announcing JDA Software as a Lead Sponsor of the Supply Chain Matters Blog

We are pleased that this innovative technology provider has chosen to associate itself to the ongoing global supply chain focused thought leadership being provided by Supply Chain Matters to our global-based supply chain and IT focused community of readers.

JDA Software is a well-recognized best-of-breed provider of end-to-end, integrated supply chain planning and execution applications for more than 4,000 customers worldwide. Since its founding nearly 30 years ago, JDA’s unique applications have empowered various industry supply chain customers to achieve more by optimizing costs, increasing revenue and enhancing time to value.

This Editor and supply chain industry analyst has been following JDA and its collection of technology applications since the late 1990’s from the early notions of online commerce, to the market explosion of Omni-channel online and brick-and-mortar retail. With the past acquisitions of the former i2 Technologies, E3, Manugistics, RedPrairie and other supply chain planning, execution and technology providers, JDA has consistently increased is multi-industry capabilities in supply chain planning, execution, multi-channel customer fulfillment, collaboration and more predictive planning capabilities.

A timeline depicting the history, profile and capabilities of JDA today can be viewed at this JDA web link.

In conjunction with JDA’s 2015 sponsorship, we are further pleased to announce an upcoming series of blog commentaries hosted by both the Supply Chain Matters and JDA’s Supply Chain Nation blogs that will focus deeper into industry-specific supply chain planning, execution and customer fulfillment challenges, a market education series introducing new supply chain advanced technology and predictive analytics concepts including the opportunities for integrating planning and execution processes for more timely decision-making. We have additional plans to feature an interview series where this Editor will speak with supply chain industry as well as technology focused executives on how technology is delivering value within different industry settings.

We extend sincere appreciation to JDA for recognizing Supply Chain Matters as a destination of independent thought leadership in supply chain management, manufacturing and product lifecycle management focused business process and information technology.

Bob Ferrari, Founder and Executive Editor


Planning for 2015 Technology and Services Marketing Budgets- Consider More Online Focused Programs

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Last week, I pondered over business media reports that indicated that ad sales surrounding broadcast television were decreasing at a considerable rate.  The reasons are somewhat obvious; more people are turning away from broadcast networks with a preference for online digital platforms for entertainment and news. I can observe this trend succinctly in my extended family and friends.

Digital platforms provide for more audience segmentation because we as consumers and customers seek out specific online sites that provide value as well as entertainment.  This applies to both personal and more and more, business and personal career needs as well.

Marketing teams within B2C customer environments are certainly well aware of these trends as they continue to shift significant aspects of marketing spend towards more focused online channels. I wonder, however, if B2B marketing teams, especially those firms offering supply chain, procurement, manufacturing and product lifecycle management technology and services have truly internalized these same trends.

It is too often in my observations and associated conversations with technology marketing teams that I note that a high percentage of their marketing budgets are allocated to sponsoring attendance at industry or trade events. Why?  Because their direct sales teams constantly seek venues to meet and mine “prospects”.  However, in the case of supply chain focused events, there is the brute reality of far too many events chasing limited demand.

If your email is like mine, a day does not go by without multiple notifications of upcoming supply chain focused events.  Professional organizations pay to play conference firms, trade and media publications, industry analyst firms and technology providers themselves barrage industry professionals with conference attendance opportunities.  But, the obvious reality is that anyone in a supply chain or manufacturing focused position is far too occupied in getting his/her job accomplished on a day-to-day basis to find the time to attend multiple events on a year round basis.  If they do attend such events, it is often a regional or trusted event requiring manageable justification and opportunities for networking with peer professionals vs. technology focused salespeople. Once more, in this era of globally focused supply chain networks, people are constantly mobile, traveling on business or visiting remote locations. Hence, they have learned that seeking supply chain information and insights can be selectively accomplished online. Yet, marketing teams continue to shell out thousands and thousands to support an annual trek of conference events, hoping that their sales team will find that one golden prospect.

The coming few weeks are the period where marketing budgets for the coming calendar year are compiled, reviewed and approved.  We continue to advise that the same current realities of online apply to supply chain, manufacturing, procurement and product management communities.  Why cast a wide net when online properties provide the segmented audience your products or services require? Why ignore the compelling benefits of social media and digitally-focused inbound marketing based initiatives that provide constant, around the clock brand impressions as opposed to a singular one-time event where conversion rates are questionable?

Finally, a reminder that this site, Supply Chain Matters, has amassed a targeted audience of readers seeking the deepest coverage and insights into industry specific supply chain, manufacturing and SCM 2 logo 300x225 Planning for 2015 Technology and Services Marketing Budgets  Consider More Online Focused Programsproduct management business and technology learning.  A scan of our content categories provides examples of the depth of our cross-functional and industry-specific content.

We provide personalized programs to make your brand and product marketing initiatives successful with broader and continuous reach.  Give us a call or send us an email and let us show you how we have assisted other clients.

For more information visit our main web site.

Bob Ferrari

New Sponsorship Program Announced for Supply Chain Matters Blog

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Small and mid-sized providers of technology and services to the global supply chain management community often have a challenge of getting broader name and brand recognition.  Competing larger enterprise level providers with large corporate and product marketing budgets can often fund multiple initiatives directed at content generation, brand recognition or event-based marketing. They can often influence industry analyst firms for broader coverage and name recognition.  The next generation up and coming firms have more limited resources and have to leverage their marketing and brand awareness efforts at broader, more impactful  and continuous reinforcements of the brand.  This is where the benefits of social-media and web-based marketing provide best leverage.

We are pleased to announce a new Supply Chain Matters Named Sponsor level sponsorship option. This program will provide a flexible and cost affordable option to have your brand targeted to a broad, pre-screened audience of cross-functional readers who represent the many functions and responsibilities associated with supply chain and B2B management.  Supply Chain Matters has garnered multiple recognition and rewards regarding the quality of our content. This program provides flexibility in both length of sponsorship and cost, and can alternatively serve as a means to support specific event-based marketing needs such as a major market launch or new program.  For the equivalent cost of sponsoring a single event, providers can take advantage of a continuous cycle of brand and services recognition.

For more information, providers can send an email to info <at> supply-chain-matters <dot> com.

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