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Planning for 2015 Technology and Services Marketing Budgets- Consider More Online Focused Programs

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Last week, I pondered over business media reports that indicated that ad sales surrounding broadcast television were decreasing at a considerable rate.  The reasons are somewhat obvious; more people are turning away from broadcast networks with a preference for online digital platforms for entertainment and news. I can observe this trend succinctly in my extended family and friends.

Digital platforms provide for more audience segmentation because we as consumers and customers seek out specific online sites that provide value as well as entertainment.  This applies to both personal and more and more, business and personal career needs as well.

Marketing teams within B2C customer environments are certainly well aware of these trends as they continue to shift significant aspects of marketing spend towards more focused online channels. I wonder, however, if B2B marketing teams, especially those firms offering supply chain, procurement, manufacturing and product lifecycle management technology and services have truly internalized these same trends.

It is too often in my observations and associated conversations with technology marketing teams that I note that a high percentage of their marketing budgets are allocated to sponsoring attendance at industry or trade events. Why?  Because their direct sales teams constantly seek venues to meet and mine “prospects”.  However, in the case of supply chain focused events, there is the brute reality of far too many events chasing limited demand.

If your email is like mine, a day does not go by without multiple notifications of upcoming supply chain focused events.  Professional organizations pay to play conference firms, trade and media publications, industry analyst firms and technology providers themselves barrage industry professionals with conference attendance opportunities.  But, the obvious reality is that anyone in a supply chain or manufacturing focused position is far too occupied in getting his/her job accomplished on a day-to-day basis to find the time to attend multiple events on a year round basis.  If they do attend such events, it is often a regional or trusted event requiring manageable justification and opportunities for networking with peer professionals vs. technology focused salespeople. Once more, in this era of globally focused supply chain networks, people are constantly mobile, traveling on business or visiting remote locations. Hence, they have learned that seeking supply chain information and insights can be selectively accomplished online. Yet, marketing teams continue to shell out thousands and thousands to support an annual trek of conference events, hoping that their sales team will find that one golden prospect.

The coming few weeks are the period where marketing budgets for the coming calendar year are compiled, reviewed and approved.  We continue to advise that the same current realities of online apply to supply chain, manufacturing, procurement and product management communities.  Why cast a wide net when online properties provide the segmented audience your products or services require? Why ignore the compelling benefits of social media and digitally-focused inbound marketing based initiatives that provide constant, around the clock brand impressions as opposed to a singular one-time event where conversion rates are questionable?

Finally, a reminder that this site, Supply Chain Matters, has amassed a targeted audience of readers seeking the deepest coverage and insights into industry specific supply chain, manufacturing and Supply Chain Matters Blog- Independent analysis and insights on supply chain management product management business and technology learning.  A scan of our content categories provides examples of the depth of our cross-functional and industry-specific content.

We provide personalized programs to make your brand and product marketing initiatives successful with broader and continuous reach.  Give us a call or send us an email and let us show you how we have assisted other clients.

For more information visit our main web site.

Bob Ferrari

New Sponsorship Program Announced for Supply Chain Matters Blog

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Small and mid-sized providers of technology and services to the global supply chain management community often have a challenge of getting broader name and brand recognition.  Competing larger enterprise level providers with large corporate and product marketing budgets can often fund multiple initiatives directed at content generation, brand recognition or event-based marketing. They can often influence industry analyst firms for broader coverage and name recognition.  The next generation up and coming firms have more limited resources and have to leverage their marketing and brand awareness efforts at broader, more impactful  and continuous reinforcements of the brand.  This is where the benefits of social-media and web-based marketing provide best leverage.

We are pleased to announce a new Supply Chain Matters Named Sponsor level sponsorship option. This program will provide a flexible and cost affordable option to have your brand targeted to a broad, pre-screened audience of cross-functional readers who represent the many functions and responsibilities associated with supply chain and B2B management.  Supply Chain Matters has garnered multiple recognition and rewards regarding the quality of our content. This program provides flexibility in both length of sponsorship and cost, and can alternatively serve as a means to support specific event-based marketing needs such as a major market launch or new program.  For the equivalent cost of sponsoring a single event, providers can take advantage of a continuous cycle of brand and services recognition.

For more information, providers can send an email to info <at> supply-chain-matters <dot> com.

2013 Sponsorships are Available

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Supply Chain Matters is able to share and publish the quality content that we provide through the support of our sponsors.  Supply Chain Matters Blog

We would therefore like to remind providers of supply chain related technology and services that opportunities for being a named sponsor of the Supply Chain Matters blog in 2013 are currently open for both the Lead and Sustaining Sponsorship levels.  Social media and especially Blogs have come to be very influential sources of opinion, market knowledge and thought leadership, with this site being cited as among the top ten blogs commenting on global supply chain business process and information technology developments.

As a sponsor of Supply Chain Matters, your company will be recognized for its products and services and as a supporter of quality thought leadership. Our sponsorships include services in spring boarding your brand recognition, enlisting social media and search engine optimized product marketing strategies, and raising educational awareness to innovative technologies and services. An investment as a Supply Chain Matters sponsor extends way beyond a single event or campaign, offering a continuous daily impression across a global, highly targeted supply chain audience. Existing sponsors have incurred web based impressions exceeding one million views annually.

What differentiates our sponsorship opportunities apart from other web properties is the unique personal and tailored services we can provide for your brand, with a highly affordable and competitive investment. Sponsorships can take advantage of our highly experienced market, product strategy and  social media based product marketing services as well.

In 2012, we simplified our blog sponsorship opportunities into two levels of sponsorships, a Lead level and a Sustaining level, each with different levels of benefits, competitively priced. Picture your brand logo and recognition of capabilities appearing on every Supply Chain Matters content page in the designated sponsorship panel.

Further detailed information can be obtained by utilizing our Sponsorship Information Request  drop-down menu located on the top menu bar, or by sending an inquiry email to info <at> supply-chain-matters <dot> com.

Bob Ferrari, Founder and Executive Editor

The Supply Chain Matters Blog Welcomes Progress Software as a New Sponsor

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We are very pleased to welcome our new Sustaining level sponsor of the Supply Chain Matters blog, Progress Software.

This author became familiar with Progress and its capabilities while attending, speaking, networking and writing observations  from the annual Progress Revolution Conference last fall.  Having the opportunity to attend a dinner meeting consisting of select Progress supply chain management related customers provided me a deeper understanding of the importance of coupling business process management and real-time information access in insuring timely decision-making in execution and planning of supply chain business processes.

Progress Software develops enterprise software that supports business process management (BPM), event-driven visibility and open integration of information. While the name Progress may not be a totally familiar name to the supply chain functional audience, we suggest that our readers keep this company on your radar scope, especially regarding the Progress capabilities in assisting customers in developing and supporting their supply chain control tower technical and business platform needs.

In that context, this author will be featured in an upcoming Supply Chain Management Review and Progress Software sponsored webcast: The Supply Chain Control Tower: Moving Beyond Just Visibility, to be held on May 10 at 2pm eastern time. Please join us in this event.

Today, supply chains represent constant information in motion, and BPM approaches to capturing, analyzing and predicting outcomes can produce value for businesses. Various forms of supply chain control towers are being discussed and formulated by leading-edge organizations, and throughout the year, Supply Chain Matters will continue to  provide continuous education for this important emerging area.

Progress brings a state of the art Control Tower that is addressing aspects of supply chain execution, built on cutting edge technology that works with, rather than in place of existing backbone systems and infrastructure.  Companies such as Dell, Havi Logistics, DHL and Volvo are currently leveraging Progress Software solutions and we anticipate more will follow.

We recommend readers take the time to check out Progress’s support of supply chain information needs by clicking on the Progress Software logo in our sponsorship panel. A brief description of capabilities is also included in our About Our Sponsors panel, listed under Progress Software.

We thank Progress and all of our existing sponsors, for their support of recognized thought leadership in supply chain business process and control tower technology needs, and in choosing to add their names to Supply Chain Matters in 2012.

Bob Ferrari, Founder and Executive Editor


E2open- A New Sponsor of the Supply Chain Matters Blog

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I am happy to announce to our readers that on-demand software services provider E2open is a new Sustaining level sponsor of this blog in 2012. We are pleased that this innovative technology provider has chosen to associate itself to the ongoing global supply chain focused thought leadership being provided by Supply Chain Matters.

E2open is a provider of cloud-based, on-demand software solutions enabling enterprises to procure, manufacture, sell and distribute products more efficiently through collaborative execution across global trading networks. Brand owners utilize E2open to gain visibility into and control over their trading networks leveraging real-time information, integrated business processes, and advanced analytics. E2open customers include Celestica, Dell, Hitachi Global Storage Technologies, IBM, LSI Corporation, Motorola, Seagate Technology, among others. Industry presence includes aerospace and defense consumer electronics, consumer product goods, high technology, industrial manufacturing and telecommunications. The E2Open Business Network provides a focus on collaborative execution across an extended supply chain network of suppliers and trading partners. Technology offerings support areas of collaborative supply planning, logistics visibility, orders and inventory management, B2B managed services.

This year promises to be an exciting and eventful year for E2open.  The company has recently filed a Registration Statement with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for a proposed public offering of its stock. In addition to the recently announced PLM and multi-tier cost management application, readers can also anticipate more upcoming E2open new product and services announcements that will be made available to customers during 2012.

If your organization has needs related to collaborative execution in the context for a need to overcome existing systems and communication barriers, unifying suppliers and trading partners with common information and multi-tier process orchestration, we recommend you place E2open on your short list.

For more information, visit

Bob Ferrari, Founder and Executive Editor

Infosys Limited- A Continuing 2012 Sponsor of the Supply Chain Matters Blog

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Supply Chain Matters is pleased to announce to our readers that Infosys Limited will be a continuing Lead sponsor of this blog.

The Infosys Consulting & Systems Integration organization along with its industry focused supply chain management practice continues to recognize the increasing reach and influence of Supply Chain Matters, as well as our joint efforts to provide added thought leadership in the area of global supply chain management, multi-channel commerce, business process and information technology topics. Infosys sponsorship of this blog began in 2009 and will continue throughout 2012.

Infosys continues to provide its clients with the ability to unlock added value from their supply chain business processes and information technology systems.  Key practice areas umbrella a wide swath and include areas of supply chain planning, strategic sourcing/procurement, multi-channel order fulfillment, supply chain execution and enterprise asset management. Industry concentration is broad and services include process consulting, supply chain design, software evaluation and implementation, and business process outsourcing.

Infosys Limited was recently cited as number 15 within Forbes’s ranking of The World’s Most Innovative Companies.  In October 2011, the company was recognized as a top performing global provider by Procter and Gamble for successfully implementing an order shipping and billing program and for providing high quality consulting, technology and BPO services.

Today, Infosys has a healthy track record of over 300 supply chain engagements within 25 countries involving over 1000 customers. Strategic technology partnerships include SAP, Oracle, IBM, Microsoft, and JDA.

During 2012, this author will continue to contribute guest postings regarding key supply chain and information technology strategic topics on the Infosys Global Supply Chain Management blog. Supply Chain Matters will also feature periodic guest commentaries from select Infosys consultants and executives on important and timely global and industry specific supply chain challenges and business topics. Supply Chain Matters will also feature blog commentary coverage from a premiere Infosys customer or partner event during 2012.

We look forward to having Infosys supply chain management as a Lead sponsor of Supply Chain Matters. We also look forward to a continued joint collaboration in thought leadership and industry commentary related to important supply chain business process and information technology topics in the coming year.

If you need additional information, you can view the Infosys SCM services profile in the About Our Sponsors page on the right-hand panel.

Insure that you have Infosys on your short-list of global based, large-scale supply chain information technology consulting and technology implementation needs.

Bob Ferrari, Founder and Executive Editor

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