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    GE Transportation Expanding Efforts to Improve Ocean Cargo Logistics Efficiencies

    GE Transportation, a division of General Electric, along with California’s Port of Long Beach, announced a pilot initiative to collect broader amounts of information related to inbound ocean container shipments. Supply Chain Matters spoke directly with Jennifer Schopfer, Vice President and General Manager of Transport Logistics for GE Transportation regarding this latest announcement as-well as the broader directions involved in this effort.

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    Amazon’s Announced Acquisition of Ring- Supply Chain Matters Initial Viewpoint

    Online retailer Amazon announced its intent to acquire video-based doorbell product provider Ring for a reported sum of $1 billion. The obvious question is why Amazon would be willing to invest such a considerable sum in a doorbell provider. The likely answer has a lot to do with the next iterations of online last-mile customer fulfillment along with the leveraging of Internet of Things enabled home and apartment devices.

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    Additional Investment Monies Flowing into Supply Chain Management Technology

    There have been some new announcements regarding new investment monies flowing into technology firms addressing various supply chain management business process and decision-making needs. These announcements continue to reinforce the current attractiveness of logistics, procurement and supply chain management decision-making technology among the broad investment and private equity community.

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    Supply Chain Disruption- A Fried Chicken Crisis Across the UK

    Fast-food chain Kentucky Fried Chicken was forced to temporarily close most of its UK outlets after widespread shortages of chicken product occurred. Upwards of 550 outlets were impacted, forcing British media to coin the headline, “KFC Crisis” and some consumers to call their local emergency services office to complain of a chicken food shortage.

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