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Breaking News: New and Earlier Earthquakes in Japan Have Supply Chain Implications


As we pen this Supply Chain Matters posting it is just past daybreak in Japan and early evening in the U.S. eastern time zone.  Breaking news indicates that a magnitude 7.0 earthquake has struck early Saturday on Kyushu Island, the same region hit by a 6.2 quake two days ago.  The U.S. Geological Society reports […]

Not a Good Week and Time for Automotive Service Management Supply Chains


For service facing and aftermarket automotive related supply chains, news developments this week have undoubtedly bordered on the surreal or even bizarre. The ongoing product recall crisis involving airbag inflators’ producer by Takata took on even broader dimensions. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) indicated this week that as many as 85 million potentially […]

Noteworthy Senior Supply Chain Executive Changes at J.M. Smucker


We at Supply Chain Matters are always on the lookout for important supply chain related learning, insights and accomplishments. Thus, what caught our eye was a recent announcement related to senior supply chain leadership changes at consumer foods producer J.M. Smucker. The company announced the pending retirement of Senior Vice President, Supply Chain Logistics and […]

Impressions from the 2016 Open Text Industry Analyst Event


April brings about the kickoff of spring industry and technology focused conferences and briefing sessions for industry analysts including this independent supply chain industry analyst. Over the coming weeks I will be attending and sharing impressions a number of venues and events. This week, I was invited to attend the Open Text 2016 Industry Analyst Event […]

Major Automotive Supplier Component Safety Snafu is Another Supplier’s Strategic Gain


As far back as 2014, Supply Chain Matters provided commentaries relative to the defective air bag inflator crisis that was impacting multiple global automotive brands. Even then, the product recalls involving airbag inflators supplied by Takata Corp. of Japan were estimated to be in the millions. In an October 2014 posting, Supply Chain Matters echoed […]

Leadership in the Supply Chain Industry Starts with Business Acumen


The following is a Supply Chain Matters guest posting by Jim Barnes, Services Managing Director for the Institute for Supply Management (ISM) Business Acumen training program. The role of a supply chain professional has never been more strategic than it is today. With professionals being responsible for more tactics and outcomes than in past years, […]

A Sobering Declaration by Alibaba


At the conclusion of its fiscal year ending in March of this year, Chinese online retailer Alibaba declared this week that it has officially become the world’s largest online retail platform with trading volume exceeding 3 trillion yuan ($475.9 billion) according to a report from China Daily. While the online retailer apparently did not formally […]

U.S. Automotive Producers With Ongoing Bad Habits


Supply Chain Matters has been observing how U.S. automotive producers continue to fall back on what we view as a bad habit- a reliance on big-ticket, larger margin trucks and SUV’s for profitability and hence manufacturing strategy.  Perhaps you have noticed this same trend. These past few days have featured troubling news that points to […]

A Good Reference for Opportunities and Risks Regarding Supply Chain Activities Within Cuba


In the first three months of 2016, media has been abuzz with the news that the United States elected to ease its business and trade relations with Cuba. The March visit to Cuba by President Barack Obama reflected a noted sea change in US-Cuban relations. Already, there are reports of pending new airline service, the […]

Candid Admission from Tesla Provides the Importance of Design for Supply Chain Practices

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Supply Chain Matters provides an additional update relative to our previous commentary regarding the Tesla Motors Model 3 Product Unveil that occurred several days ago. Yesterday, Tesla delivered an update relative to its Q1 FY16 operational and delivery performance.  The update indicates, among other items that the electric powered automotive provider delivered a total of […]

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