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Millennials: The Workers of Today, the Supply Chain Leaders of Tomorrow


While surfing all of our various Web alerts this week, we came across a rather insightful commentary penned by Dana Theus, titled: 3 Ways Managing Millennials Will Make You Better.  Millennials are defined in this commentary as workers roughly between the ages of 18-30.   This age group makes up a significant proportion of today’s industry supply chain operations, planning and logistics teams and some will certainly be the supply chain leaders of tomorrow. We believe that the three management actions outlined in this commentary could certainly be helpful to current supply chain leaders.  The three management actions outlined are: Millennials require us to be vision-driven. They are driven to make an impact and perform best when they understand how their efforts contribute to a broader purpose. Millennials are experts in personal productivity. They have no desire to waste energy and requirements to be in a certain physical place are less […]

Supply Chain Matters Q2 Newsletter Published


This posting is to alert our readers that the Supply Chain Matters and Ferrari Consulting and Research Group Q2-2014 Newsletter published this morning and should be in the email inboxes of our hundreds of registered subscribers. Our newsletter is a more insightful look at global supply chain and B2B/B2C business process, technology and other important trends and is offered to both readers of this blog and clients of our consulting services. Please check your inbox to insure you received a copy. The Q2 newsletter includes four insightful articles with two announcements: Our usual quantitative summary of global supply chain activity along with a capsulized summary of significant supply chain and B2B developments during the quarter.   An alert to a June report from The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners that quantifies the scope of occupational fraud.   Highlights of a healthy discourse reflecting on the Internet of Things, specifically the required infrastructure […]

The Implications of the Announced Apple and IBM Alliance


Business and social media is abuzz with today’s announcement that two long-time rivals, Apple and IBM, are teaming-up in an alliance to create simple business apps on Apple’s iPhone and iPad devices.  As pictured in the Times Square featured announcement, both CEO’s are pictured in a casual and friendly stroll. The obvious question is which of the vendor’s benefit the most from the proposed alliance.  Another question is the potential impact on supply chain and B2B business network technology deployment. In this Supply Chain Matters initial viewpoint commentary; we briefly dwell on both questions. Under the alliance, IBM will create what is termed as “simple” business apps leveraging the respective Apple mobile devices.  IBM employees will further provide on-site services and support for Apple mobile devices. Of more interest is the report that IBM is planning to make 100,000 employees available to the Apple imitative, which is rather significant. Both alliance […]

Supply Chain Matters Announces Enhanced Research Center


Since the founding of the Supply Chain Matters blog in 2008, our goal remains to produce industry analyst caliber insights and commentary for our readers. We develop content for the broad supply chain management and B2B/B2C business network community and our efforts are directed at providing knowledge without technology vendor biases or influences. Unlike some sites, when we have an  association with a vendor or sponsor, we will openly disclose such an association in our commentaries and research. We are pleased to announce that we have completed some changes regarding accessibility to Supply Chain Matters research and insights. The Research Center, located on the top menu bar, is an area where our readers can download comprehensive research reports. Candidly, when we first developed the site, this area was somewhat of a kludge behind the scene, making it rather difficult to populate and continually maintain research documents. This has limited our ability to […]

A Lesson in Emerging Market Dynamics Within Consumer Electronics Supply Chains


A new dynamic is occurring within the global E-tablet market, one that is being orchestrated by some key suppliers. This dynamic provides a reminder to the crucial importance of supplier intelligence strategies. The Wall Street Journal recently observed that global microprocessor chip maker Intel, in response to being shut out as a key supplier for the Apple iPad and iPhone as well as Samsung models, is wooing smaller electronic tablet providers within China. The strategic objective is sub $250 tablet markets that are attractive to consumers within emerging market economies. Intel has been calling on the likes of Shenzhen Hampoo Science & Technology Co., Shenzhen Ramos Digital Technology and select other China based mid-sized consumer electronics providers. These companies were previously learning towards existing ARM-based chip producers as well as Google’s Android operating system. According to the WSJ: “Among other tactics, Intel has taken a cue from Chinese chip makers […]

A Replay of the RFID Standards Mess? – You Tell Us


A recent posting on CNET reports that standards related to support of the Internet of Things (IoT) has now become a lot more complicated. The potential benefits of IoT is rather broad and today comes with significant technology vendor hype cycles.   Numbers such as 20, 50 100 million connected devices are quoted based on the most favorable market research numbers a vendor can find.  There is added confusion related to IoT associated with consumer devices such as appliances, thermostats and wired homes vs. industrial networks of sensors and other equipment. A handful of tech heavyweights, namely Intel, Broadcom, Dell and Samsung Electronics recently unveiled a new non-profit termed Open Interconnect Consortium (OIC) with a mission to come-up with certification standards for devices operating in an IoT environment. This announcement comes after a December announcement from nonprofit Linux Foundation in conjunction with names such as Microsoft, Panasonic, Qualcomm and others that […]

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