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Supply Chain Matters Book Review: Dynamic Supply Chains 3rd Edition


From time to time Supply Chain Matters will feature book reviews which we believe would be of value to our extended global supply chain management community of readers. In this particular posting, we share our review of: Dynamic Supply Chains, 3rd Edition, How to design, build and manage people-centric value networks by John Gattorna. We […]

Reflections on Last Week’s Boeing Announcement to Sell 300 Additional Jets to China


As a follow-up to our prior Supply Chain Matters posting reflecting on high tech executives meeting with the leaders of China and India last week, came the announcement from Boeing of a significant order for new commercial aircraft along with the pending opening of a Boeing manufacturing facility within China itself. Boeing indicated that it […]

High Tech CEO’s Meet with the President of China to Gain Favor


Supply Chain Matters provides a follow-up to our prior commentary: high tech supply chains- increased risks associated with global access.  In that commentary, we posed the question of balancing the need of high tech firms for increased market access to China’s market with the added risks of intellectual property protection.  Leading up to the visit […]

Report that Intel LTE Chips May Make a Presence on iPhones in 2016


This week, Venture Beat, citing knowledgeable sources, indicated that Intel’s new 7360 LTE wireless modem chip will likely be some part of the new Apple iPhones in 2016. The commentary goes on to indicate that Intel’s inclusion as an iPhone supplier: “is as much about “second-sourcing’ as it is about the quality of the 7360 […]

Updated Information Related to the Infor Acquisition of GT Nexus


In August, ERP provider Infor announced that he had entered into an agreement to acquire supply chain logistics and commerce network provider GT Nexus for $675 million. This Supply Chain Matters posting provides updated information regarding the acquisition as a result of an analyst briefing held earlier this week. At the time of the acquisition […]

The Challenges Surrounding Volkswagen


There is an expression that is often cited in business and military situations: “We are so, so screwed” That expression likely describes current conversations among the halls and facilities of Volkswagen. The U.S. Justice Department has begun a wide ranging investigation into alleged use of software installed in nearly a half-million diesel powered cars that […]

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