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Tradeshift Acquisition of IBX Network- Reinforcement of Importance of Scale and Functionality in B2B Business Network Platforms


This week, global commerce platform provider Tradeshift announced an agreement to acquire Cap Gemini’s IBX Business Network for an undisclosed sum. The announcement touts that the end result will be the creation of the world’s largest business commerce platform. Beyond the marketing speak, Supply Chain Matters views this announcement as yet another reinforcement that the […]

Additional Update on B2B Supply Chain Business Network Provider E2open Merger with Steelwedge


This Supply Chain Matters blog posting serves as an update to our prior mid-February posting regarding supply chain B2B platform provider E2open’s announced merger with sales and operations planning (S&OP) and supply chain planning technology support provider Steelwedge.  This latest deal follows prior acquisitions of icon-scm for supply chain planning simulation technology, Terra Technology for […]

Reinforcement of Messages for a Year of Certain Strategic and Tactical Supply Chain Planning


In a prior Supply Chain Matters blog posting earlier this week, A Persistent Team- Be Prepared for a Year of Continual Analysis, we again urged readers and clients to be prepared for a year of continual analysis of the potential supply chain impacts of what could well be significant changing tax and trade policies involving […]

A Conversation with Tata Consultancy Services Global Supply Chain Practice and Center of Excellence


While attending the Oracle Modern Supply Chain Experience conference a few weeks ago, this Editor had the opportunity to once again catch-up with Rich Sherman, a long friend. Rich has been a guest contributor of thought leadership content on Supply Chain Matters and is author of the book: Supply Chain Transformation- Practical Roadmap to Best […]

Updated Research Advisory- The New Phase of Online and Omni-Channel Customer Fulfillment


From time-to-time as developments warrant throughout the year, we have published various succinct but brief research advisories to clients and blog readers focused on specific industry, line-of-business, functional or technology trending that warrant specific attention for both management teams and supply chain management professionals.  There have been several phases related to the ongoing explosion of […]

A Persistent Theme- Be Prepared for a Year of Continual Supply Chain Analysis

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If our readers have had the opportunity to review all of our 2017 Predictions for Industry and Global Supply Chains, you probably picked-up on a dominant theme, that being the election of Donald Trump as President of the United States, and what that could imply for U.S. global trade policies and consequent industry supply chain […]

Report that Alibaba Has Taken Majority Control of India’s Paytm


One of our 2017 Predictions for Industry and Global Supply Chains called for Amazon and Alibaba to continue to position for global online platform dominance, and we further predicted that both would remain cautious to perceptions of outright head-to-head competition. We concurred with Asia based business observers that one of the primary battle grounds this […]

An Update Concerning Foxconn


We wanted to provide our readers an update from a recent Supply Chain Matters posting citing a report indicating that a Sharp Foxconn U.S. plant announcement was imminent.  This week, The Wall Street Journal reported that while Foxconn was still interested in building a large-scale flat-panel U.S. manufacturing facility, its iconic Chairmen is challenging U.S. […]

Reminders from This Week’s AWS Network Outage


Readers may be aware that on Tuesday of this week, Amazon Web Services (AWS) encountered an hours-long services outage at a major U.S. East Coast data center complex that affected large numbers of web users and a fair number of Cloud services customers. Reports of major system outages have gained higher visibility of-late because of […]

A Supply Chain Matters Conversation with the American Apparel and Footwear Association


Earlier this month, Supply Chain Matters unveiled our 2017 Predictions for Industry and Global Supply Chains (Available for complimentary download in our Research Center). Our last grouping of predictions focused on unique, industry-specific supply chain challenges, and included apparel and footwear supply chains. Somewhat like the automotive industry, there is no industry as globally supply […]

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