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Product Recall and Supply Chain Risk Implications Continue for Multiple Industries

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There have been new developments this week in the area of major product recalls which warrants some Supply Chain Matters commentary. The Saga of Johnson and Johnson Continues The news headlines this week featured the announcement on the nationwide recall of more than 13 million packages of chewable versions of anti-acid drug Rolaids after reports […]

Bombs on U.S. Bound Planes- The Time is Now for Practical Stepped-Up Security Measures


Since our last Supply Chain Matters commentary, additional information has come forth regarding the recent terrorist incidents involving bombs hidden in air cargo shipments, and governments and the air transport industry will need to come-up with a practical response to a growing threat. Two different packages containing HP P2055 LaserJet desktop printers, air shipped from […]

Supply Chain Risk Management and the Three Blind Mice


The following posting can also be viewed and commented upon in the Kinaxis Supply Chain Expert Community forum site. As parents of small children, we often sing various rhymes to our children, and perhaps readers may recall the rhyme from the song “Three Blind Mice” Three blind mice, Three blind mice See how they run […]

A Barrage of Disturbing News Concerning Breakdowns in U.S. Food Quality

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August 2010 is quickly turning out to be quite a month for consumer safety concerns regarding the overall safety and quality of U.S. food-related supply chains. Governmental agencies are under the gun to step-up inspection and enforcement and are seeking more jurisdictional power as a litany of urgent alerts permeates news and social media sites. […]

Apple Supply Manager Indictment-Does lucartive supplier business warrant unscupulous business practices and behavior?

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There has been no shortage of significant supply chain related news these past months, but I would dare state that the most troubling thus far this year broke this weekend. A global supply manager at Apple was arrested and charged with offenses that include wire fraud, money laundering and unlawful monetary transactions involving more than […]

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