Welcome to my blog which I have titled- Supply Chain Matters.  I selected this title to reflect my belief that supply chains can make or break a firm’s business strategy, or perception within the market.

This blog will feature commentary on the key global supply chain business process and technology topics of the day. As a supply chain industry analyst, consultant, and practioner, I will attempt to provide a balanced view of each topic, both pro and con.

There are many quality blogs writing on the topic of supply chain, and I will not consciously duplicate content. My focus will be on a select group of key trends that I believe will mold and influence the competencies and individual careers of many companies and supply chain professionals.

Our goal will be to provide you, our virtual readers, balanced, as well as leading-edge perspectives on these key topics. I also plan to host guest bloggers, as well as to reference and comment on other interesting posts across cyberspace. Your comments and feedback are encouraged.

So let’s get on to supply chain matters.

Bob Ferrari

Executive Editor and Primary Author