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FedEx Reducing U.S. Rates to Maintain Airlift and Ground Shipping Capacity

The Supply Chain Matters blog highlights FedEx’s latest move to reduce rates for Air Express services for select E-Commerce retailers. The move follows last week’s announcement that FedEx would not bid to renew its Air Express services for Amazon.

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FedEx Elects to Not Renew Air Express Contract Services for Amazon

Parcel logistics and transportation provider FedEx announced today that the services firm has elected not to renew its U.S. Express service contract with online retailer Amazon. FedEx will, however, continue to serve the online retailer in domestic ground and international parcel shipment services.

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Retailer Target Corp Reports Impressive Q1-2019 Financial Performance

The Supply Chain Matters blog provides highlights of retailer Target Corp.’s Q1 financial performance, and how placing physical retail stores as the apex to online fulfillment and added traffic volume is delivering quantified results.

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Reports That China Online provider is Cutting Back

There have been a groundswell of reports indicating that China based online retail provider is cutting back on operations and resources in order to meet profitability goals sooner than originally intended. It serves as a sign that China’s online sector is feeling the realities of a muting of domestic and foreign online sales growth and building expectations from investors.

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Amazon Air and Other Air Cargo Pilots Protest Work Rules and Compensation

Upwards of 20 pilots associated with contract air freight carriers Atlas Air, Southern Air, and ABX Air, which each operate leased aircraft for Amazon Air and DHL, protested poor working conditions and stalled labor contract negotiations. The Supply Chain Matters blog advocates that all parties step-up and resolve needed work rule adjustments and fair compensation needs.

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Takeover and Tuck-In Acquisitions Underway Involving Global Ocean Container Shipping Lines

Two announced acquisitions this week involving global ocean container shipping lines add further evidence of moving forward with strategies to integrate added transportation and logistics services beyond just port to port. Many others will likely follow.

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2019 Predictions for Industry and Global Supply Chains Research Report Now Available for Downloading

The Supply Chain Matters blog announces that The Ferrari Consulting and Research Group’s research report, 2019 Predictions for Industry and Global Supply Chains, is now available for complimentary downloading.

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2019 Predictions for Industry and Global Supply Chains- Part Eight

The Supply Chain Matters blog continues its series of unveiling 2019 Predictions for Industry and Global Supply Chains. In this Part Eight posting, we highlight Prediction Seven, our belief for added converging forces of disruption impacting the global logistics and transportation industry in the coming year.

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2018 Predictions for Industry and Global Supply Chains- Part Six

The Supply Chain Matters blog continues its series of unveiling 2019 Predictions for Industry and Global Supply Chains by highlighting our carry-over prediction related to various multi-industry supply chain transitions toward Digitally-Enabled Response Networks.

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The Final Days of the 2018 Holiday Fulfillment Surge Tests Logistics, Transportation and Retailer Networks

The 2018 holiday customer fulfillment surge appears to be occurring rather smoothly for supply chain logistics and transportation services without major visible glitches, but the final crunch comes over the next eight days.

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