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The Increased Importance of Ethical Supply Chain Commitments in Today’s Global Business Landscapes

The Supply Chain Matters blog explores ongoing business initiatives in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and the increased importance of technology-enabled Ethical Supply Chain efforts applied across broad B2B Business Networks.

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Synchronized Stagnation and What It Means for Global Supply Chain Teams in 2020

The Supply Chain Matters blog highlights a published report indicating a period of synchronized stagnation and identifies areas of concentration that global supply chain management teams should prioritize and focus in the coming year.

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Tesla Motors and the Importance of Win-Win Strategic Supplier Relationships

The Supply Chain Matters blogs provides commentary reflecting on a report indicating an increasingly frayed relationship among Tesla Motors and key battery cell supplier Panasonic. Long-term success is always built on two-way, win-win relationships with give and take, and respect for either partner’s business culture.

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Another Burden for Industry Supply Chains- Imposition of U.S. Import Tariffs on EU Produced Products

The Supply Chain Matters blogs provides commentary reflecting on planned added trade and tariff actions related to the United States and the Eurozone sector, with specific impacts for commercial aerospace and automotive sectors.

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One Benefit of Escalating Trade Conflicts- Growing Need for Trade Specialists

The Supply Chain Matters highlights a Wall Street Journal report indicating that in the current backdrop of escalating trade conflicts and tariff impacts, trade and tariff experts are suddenly in hot market demand.

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Global Supply Chain Management Activity Clearly Flashing Contraction

The Supply Chain Matters blog analyzes the latest quantitative and qualitative data related to ongoing global manufacturing and supply chain activity levels along with the implication for the year 2020 business assumption and resource planning.

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Preparing 2020 Product Sourcing Scenarios in the Light of Ongoing Global Trade Conflicts- Listen to Insiders

The Supply Chain Matters blog reinforces indicators that escalating global trade and tariff conflicts are impacting multi-industry supply networks, and that political influences and saving-face outweigh economic and business implications. In preparing for 2020, it may be wise to listen to insiders in the know.

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NTSB Recommends 737 MAX Aircraft Flight Control Design Changes

Supply Chain Matters alerts readers to today’s report from the U.S. NTSB recommending that Boeing and the FAA utilized unrealistic assumptions regarding the flight control systems of the 737 MAX aircraft. Assumptions that the aircraft may return to global-wide operational service by the end of 2019 may be premature.

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Breaking News- Boeing to Establish Permanent Board Level Safety Committee

The Supply Chain Matters blog highlights breaking news indicating that Boeing’s Board of Directors will establish a new Aerospace Safety Committee, to be led by a former Vice Chairman of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff, in the light of the ongoing Boeing 737 MAX global groundings.

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