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Resolving a Path Forward for Business and SCM Transformation in SAP Business Systems Landscapes

The Supply Chain Matters blog provides a follow-up commentary focused on SAP ERP and Supply Chain Management focused customers, and their new imperatives for considering an acceleration to Public Cloud based technology deployments, based on SAP’s customer messaging at last week’s Sapphire customer conference.

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Breaking: China and U.S. Trade Talks Now at Impasse

Ongoing trade talks between China and the United States broke-off this afternoon without a basis of agreement. With additional tariffs now imposed by the Trump Administration, businesses and their respective supply and demand networks must now be prepared for additional fallout.

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Strategic Move to Protect a Technology and its Supply Network

In early April, global automotive manufacturer Toyota indicated that it would offer free access to the company’s hybrid gasoline-electric patents through the year 2030. The move is a strategic effort to influence the market and protect the supply network.

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Our Q1-2019 Newsletter Has Published

The Supply Chain Matters blog and The Ferrari Consulting and Research Group alerts research clients subscribed and general readers, that our Q1-2019 Quarterly Newsletter published on Thursday of this week.

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One Benefit of the Boeing 737 MAX Grounding- Added Design and Maintenance Checks

The Supply Chain Matters blog provides a sideline posting relative to the ongoing Boeing 737 MAX global aircraft grounding crisis, specifically an opportunity for the major engine supplier for this aircraft to address aircraft design and operating needs.

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Boeing 737 MAX Aircraft Global Grounding- April 18 2019 Update

The Supply Chain Matters blog provides added updates and perspectives relative to the global-wide grounding of the Boeing 787 MAX aircraft. This mid-April update hones-in on product design and supply chain management operational challenges.

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Report of Scaling Back of Plans to Expand Capacity of Tesla Battery Gigafactory

A published report by the Nikkei Asia Review, without citing sources, indicates that Tesla Motors, and its battery technology provider Panasonic are suspending plans to expand the capacity of the U.S. based Gigafactory battery production facility.

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Commercial Aerospace- Airbus and Boeing Report Q1-2019 Operational Performance

Both Airbus and Boeing formally reported Q1-2019 operational performance. The most anticipated was that of Boeing, which continues to respond to the global grounding of the manufacturer’s 737 MAX family of aircraft after two tragic accidents. Boeing’s Q1 performance indeed reflected the initial impacts on one of its most profitable aircraft families.

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Perspectives Relative to the Boeing 737 MAX Global Aircraft Grounding Crisis- March 29 2019 Update

As a follow-on to a March 22 posting, the Supply Chain Matters blog provides added highlights and perspectives relative to the global-wide grounding of the relatively new Boeing 787 MAX aircraft. The aircraft manufacturer obviously desires to have grounded aircraft flying as soon as possible, but from our lens, many additional hurdles need to be addressed.

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