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Announcing Availability of Newly Published Research Advisory- Integrating Agile Postponement

The Ferrari Consulting and Research Group, our research arm, is pleased to announce the publication and availability of a new Research Advisory: The Increased Importance of Integrating Agile Postponement and Product Packaging Customization Among Consumer Goods Supply Networks.

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Airbus and Boeing Financial Performances Reinforce that Supply Network Performance is Critical

Both Airbus and Boeing have each reported their first-half 2018 and Q2 financial performance numbers respectively. For both, meeting stated year-end commercial aircraft output goals requires overcoming existing supply network challenges in the coming weeks and months.

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Airbus’s Successful 2017 Full Year Performance- Critical Dependencies on Aircraft Engine Suppliers to Have a 2018 Repeat

Airbus reported 2017 full-year financial results indicating the pan-European global aerospace company overachieved on all key performance indicators. Operational performance was especially noted in the final Q4 quarter and the outlook for 2018 implies a very critical dependency on two aircraft engine providers.

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Retail Suppliers Pitted Against Private Equity Investors

Supply Chain Matters call reader attention to noteworthy industry editorials, particularly when they have supply chain implications. This particular blog applies to the retail industry and its associated supply chains and how private equity financing practices are pitting suppliers against investors.

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Tesla Reports Q2-2017 Vehicle Production and Delivery Performance- Supply Chain Cracks Continue to Show

Tesla announced vehicle production and delivery performance numbers for Q2-2017 while CEO Elon Musk took to Twitter to announce the start of ramp-up production for the new Model 3 vehicle. While Tesla emphasized a positive spin on recent quarter operational performance, there continues to be weak link challenges that need to be tackled on many fronts, the most obvious being overall battery supply and Model 3 production ramp-up.

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This Week’s Paris Air Show- More About Product Development and Supplier Tensions

At this week’s Paris Air Show two dominant themes appear; one being efforts by Boeing to premiere or hint of new aircraft and growing services, the other by key suppliers, exercising influence as the critical link in commercial aircraft supply chains.

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3M Supplier Survey Brings Forth Important Insights for Increased Supplier Collaboration

Diversified products manufacturer 3M conducted a survey among supply chain suppliers to hone in on current challenges related to the notions of supplier collaboration. What caught Supply Chain Matters attention was that important supplier collaboration challenges remain for procurement and supply chain teams.

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A Growing Need for Responsive and Skilled Procurement Leaders- Consider Attending ISM 2017

The role of procurement leaders, both in large and smaller enterprises, will further evolve in 2017 to include more strategic advisor skills. Yet, studies point to a widening gap among top-performing and all other procurement organizations. In just a matter of weeks, ISM will be conducting its annual 2017 conference which affords a timely opportunity to hone individual and team procurement management skills.

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