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Supply Chain Matters Highlights of Oracle Modern Business Experience Conference- Summary Impressions

The Supply Chain Matters blog provides a series of highlights and insights from attendance at the 2019 Oracle Modern Business Experience (MBX) conference. Part Five provides summary impressions of the conference and on Oracle’s current unfolding business and technology strategies.

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Additional Background Related to Kroeger’s Investment in Future Online Fulfillment Capabilities

The Supply Chain Matters blog updates readers on additional information related to U.S. supermarket retailer Kroeger’s initiatives to leverage Ocado robotics technology in a network of automated online fulfillment warehouses.

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The Convergence of Supply Chain Execution and Planning Processes and Oracle’s Broader Recognition in Supporting Overall Transformation

The Supply Chain Matters blog calls reader attention to the broad area of supply chain management execution business process support, and the ongoing needs for convergence of supply chain execution and planning processes. A specific context of this commentary is on Oracle, and its continuously evolving and integrated Cloud-based supply chain execution and planning process support offerings.

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Industry Supply Chain Planning Related to Brexit Response Grow More Concerned, Along with the Implications

With a mere nine weeks to-go before the March 29th Brexit implementation date, it is becoming ever clearer that businesses large and small are exercising definitive supply chain management risk mitigation or alternative sourcing actions.

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Reports of Softening U.S. Trucking Rates and Rising Global Logistics M&A are Not Coincidence

Supply Chain Matters reflects on reports of the potential for softening U.S. surface trucking rates this quarter, and a potential re-igniting of merger and acquisition activities involving global logistics carriers and services providers which should capture the attention of industry supply chain management teams as not being coincidence.

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2019 Predictions for Industry and Global Supply Chains- Part Two

Supply Chain Matters continues its series of unveiling 2019 Predictions for Industry and Global Supply Chains. In this Part Two posting, we explore our second prediction related to critical talent needs among all functional and technical support areas of supply chain management.

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Home Depot Reports Stellar Q2 performance and Reaps Benefit of Multi-Year Investments in Supply and Demand Network Capabilities

Home Depot reported very positive financial performance results for Q2 2018. Included in the narrative were very positive aspects of supply chain performance and integration with other functional and business areas, the result of ongoing multi-year investments in various tenets of supply and demand network capabilities.

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A Significant Customer Announcement from Nikola Motor

Anheuser-Busch and Nikola Motor Company have jointly announced an order for up to 800 hydrogen-electric powered Nikola Two semi-trucks. This announcement is significant from two dimensions. It serves as a market endorsement of hydrogen-electric powered Class 8 trucks as a preferred strategy for sustainable-powered heavy-duty vehicles for long-haul transportation services. The announcement further adds credence to investing in an industry disruptor that has definite manufacturing and infrastructure plans.

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Airbus’s Successful 2017 Full Year Performance- Critical Dependencies on Aircraft Engine Suppliers to Have a 2018 Repeat

Airbus reported 2017 full-year financial results indicating the pan-European global aerospace company overachieved on all key performance indicators. Operational performance was especially noted in the final Q4 quarter and the outlook for 2018 implies a very critical dependency on two aircraft engine providers.

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What to Expect in the Coming Year- Supply Chain Matters Second-Grouping of 2018 Predictions for Industry and Global Supply Chains

On an annual basis, the Ferrari Consulting and Research Group provides a series of supply chain management predictions for the coming year. The Supply Chain Matters blog unveils the second five of our 2018 Predictions for Industry and Global Supply Chains.

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Vecna Robotics- Autonomous Material Handling and Robotics Movement Provider to Watch

Bob Ferrari shares highlights of a recent visit to an innovative robotics provider in the area of logistics and material handling equipment, one that is applying advanced technologies related to autonomous operations, artificial intelligence, and Internet of Things (IoT) enablement to robotics.

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