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Tesla Motors and the Importance of Win-Win Strategic Supplier Relationships

The Supply Chain Matters blogs provides commentary reflecting on a report indicating an increasingly frayed relationship among Tesla Motors and key battery cell supplier Panasonic. Long-term success is always built on two-way, win-win relationships with give and take, and respect for either partner’s business culture.

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What Supply Chain Management Teams Should Expect During This Holiday Fulfillment Quarter

The Supply Chain Matters blog provides manufacturers, retailers and services providers with what they can expect in the upcoming 2019 holiday fulfillment surge quarter.

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Perspectives on the ASCM and Deloitte Joint Announcement of a Supply Chain Digital Capabilities Model

Supply chain technology industry analyst Bob Ferrari highlights and share insights related to last week’s joint announcement from ASCM and Deloitte on the development and availability of a Digital Capabilities Model (DSM) for Supply Networks. The model is to aide companies in understanding and transforming linear supply chains to dynamic, interconnected, digital networks.

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Supply Chain Matters Taking a Brief Pause

The Supply Chain Matters blog informs global-wide readers of a brief pause in blogging activities because of annual vacation.

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Not the New Normal for Global Wide Supply Chain Management Teams

The Supply Chain Matters blog provides an argument that Q4-2019 is shaping up to be not the new normal for global wide supply chain management teams, and rather a point where resiliency and agility can no longer be sustained by many.

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Airbus’s Rather Positive Q2 and First-Half Financial Performance- Emphasis on Operational and Supply Network Execution

The Supply Chain Matters blog reflects on Airbus’s Q2 and 2019 first-half financial and operational performance and shares a summary perspective of what challenges remain for the industry’s supply and customer demand networks.

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Tesla Motors Q2-2019 Operational Performance Improves

The Supply Chain Matters blog provides commentary related to improved production and customer delivery performance for Tesla Motors in the just completed Q2-2019 quarter. While the operational performance has set a new record, it is too early to declare any form of goal achievement.

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Bombardier Bows Out of Commercial Aircraft Market Segment

Supply Chain Matters calls reader attention to a noteworthy announcement for the commercial aircraft industry and its supply networks, namely the exit of Canadian based Bombardier from the commercial aircraft design and manufacturing segment. We extend our Tip of the Hat recognition to all those that contributed to the C-Series program.

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A Guest Contribution: The Art and Science of Supply Chain Management

The Supply Chain Matters blog features a guest contribution from Troy Hicks, Senior Vice President, Worldwide Supply Chain Planning, Herbalife Nutrition, on the art and science of supply chain management in supporting nutritional product categories.

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